Thursday, July 14, 2011

top 15 must-have *PAID* iphone apps for parents

this post is part three in a series of four posts about the top paid and free apps for parents and kids. if you happened to miss out on the previous two, here are the links:

the top 15 *free* iphone apps for kids of all ages 

we hope that you are enjoying finding out about new apps as much as we are. if we happened to miss your favorite, please leave a comment and let us know. we would love to hear about them.



real simple recipes--no time to cook--$4.99
Looking for quick and easy dinner ideas? this is for you! there are nearly 850 easy recipes for dinner that you can make—start to finish—in 40 minutes or less.


nike+ gps--$1.99
map runs, track progress, link with favorite itunes playlist, get motivation. i am borderline obsessed with this app. 


pac-man or ms. pac-man $4.99
this app needs no explanation, really. does it? the classic arcade game now in your iphone. brilliant. 


white noise--$1.99
great for traveling. period. amazing for drowning out the ice machine that your hotel room is next to, or the crazy bachelorette party down the hall. also wonderful for helping your kiddos fall asleep while away from home. we use a noise machine for both of our little ones at home and it helps using this app and having one less thing to pack on trips. 

my kids info--$0.99
this app is a family information manager for parents that helps you keep track of your kids day-to-day activities, medical information, important contacts such as teachers or doctors and all other information relevant for your children. we all have these lists, but now they can be in one place. so easy. 


baby brain: your baby log--$2.99
i remember going to our first peditritions appointment with our newborn and we were asked a ton of questions ranging from how many poop & pee diapers the little one had produced to exact hours of sleep and feeding times and frequency. really?! i had barely slept myself and didn't even know what day it was! i truly wish i had app back then. track it all easily with this app. if you are expecting or know someone who is, get this! 


go retro with your digital photos! this app adds old school character by turning your phone into a customizable work of art. there are hundreds of different effects that can be created by swapping out lenses, flashes and film. i am loving the look that i can easily create with this app!


an easy to use guide for treating first-aid emergencies, childhood ailments and common illnesses with homeopathy. everything from treating bruises to bug bites, burns and allergic reactions. 

two hundred sit-ups--$1.99 
it sounds crazy, right? this app provides a 6 week training program that will soon have you on your way to completing 200 crunches. all it takes is this app and about 30 minutes a week. (note: there is also a hundred push-ups app if you are feeling really crazy.)

easily create custom postcards using your own photos and personal message and then share them via email, facebook or twitter. there are different theme and layout options as well as multiple postal stamp designs to choose from. when you are ready to send, the app will create a unique poststamp on your card that shows the date and location that your card was sent from. it is so much fun!

couch to 5k--$2.99
ever dreamed of running a 5k but don't know where to start? this app is your built-in trainer to get you to where you need to be to race. you can do it! we do so much for our kids--it's time to do something for yourself too. you deserve it!


pack & go deluxe--family to do, tasks and travel packing list--$1.99
my family is not that large (there are only four of us). however, when we go on vacation, i always seem to forget something! life just gets busy and this app provides me with a great reminder of what to pack for a local trip to the farmers market or a theme park to packing for a big trip (like our upcoming cruise). create 100% custom lists for each member of your family using their bank of over 800 items or add your own. i have never been more organized or ready for a trip. 


martha's everyday food recipes--$2.99
whether you love martha or hate her, you can probably agree that she makes some dang good food! this app provides great, easy recipes along with the integration of a shopping list and fun video tutorials. i love that they provide you with great images so that i know what  i am making is supposed to look like! 


chore bank--$1.99
this app is the ultimate parents tool to keep track of your child's allowance, completion of chores and spending money. say "hello" to you own bank of mom or dad. this app allows you to create a virtual bank account for each child. you set up a chore list and assign a monetary value to the chore and then when he/she completes the core you simple check it off and the dollar value assigned to the chore is added to their "bank account". you can even set an interest rate. i think it is a fabulous way to keep mom/dad organized while teaching your child great lessons in the value of money.


craigs list pro--$0.99
quite possibly the easiest way to search and post items to craigslist. super easy to search for items and i love that it uses gps so you can find out which items really are located closest to you. 

what are your favorite paid apps for your iphone? leave us a comment and let us know!

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