Saturday, November 11, 2017

a day for the record books

there are some days that will go down in the record book of my life…days i’d rather forget but i know i never, never will, no matter how hard i try. my recent visit to the dermatologist will go down in the analogs of my life’s history for years to come. it was just that good…or horrific, however you may describe it. 

heather and i are religious about getting our skin checked. we want to keep skin cancer at bay in both of our lives. so, once a year, we make the trip to the dermatologist for one of our least favorite doctor’s visits of the year. 

this year i walked into my doctor’s office and, while still in the waiting room, i picked up the office brochure. after about two seconds, i noticed the list of doctors at the practice. there were five…count them…five female doctors and one male doctor. which one was i scheduled to see that day? you guessed it... the only doctor without a vagina. don’t ask me why i had chosen this doctor. i’m pretty sure my husband is to blame as it is his doctor too and he convinced me the male doctor was amazing. always, ladies, always choose a female doctor as your dermatologist. always. 

after my brief waiting room visit, i was shown to my exam room by a perky little twenty something blonde with a never-had-a-baby body. she pulled out a gown and told me to strip down but to leave on my bra and underwear. no, first, let me explain that i’ve seen the dermatologist every year for the last five years. still, i’m fairly sure i have blocked the visits from my memory because i didn’t show up prepared at all for this visit. the perky blonde 20-something nurse left the room and i surveyed the status of my undergarments. i had worn a cami that day instead of a bra…a full cami with it's own built in bra that for sure had to be removed if the doctor was going to take a look at any of my back. i decided i would just go camando on the top and hope no one noticed. then i took a gander at what underwear i had chosen and discovered a skimpy, lacy thong. that’s right, friends. not only was i going to go braless when i was told i could wear a bra, but i was also now the creepy lady wearing only a lacy thong to her appointment. 

enter the doctor and perky blonde nurse into the room to where i was fully draped in paper like one typically would be for the gyno with only my thong on underneath. the one male doctor of the practice shook my hand, asked me how i was doing, and then, no joke, put a miner’s light on his forehead to survey every square inch of skin on my body. was he searching for gold? mining for diamonds? digging for buried treasure? i have no idea but apparently the light on the forehead made looking at my thong clad self even more fun. 

he started to go over each and every part of my body, the skinny nurse chatting with him in the background. i was okay with the process until he asked me to stand up and turn around. of course. of course i would love to stand up and turn around to show you my bear nether regions. nothing would bring me more joy. as i stood and turned around, i could see the eyes of nurse sunshine grow exponentially. for sure i was the creepy 40 something lady who just doesn’t give a crap anymore. everyone should be as comfortable naked as i am. at that moment i wished the world would open up and swallow me whole. still, the doctor kept chatting to me about my plans for today. “besides dying of embarrassment, my day's schedule is wide open.” 

then, just when i thought things couldn’t get worse, the doctor turned me around and told me he has to lift up my boobs to see the skin underneath. well certainly, that makes perfect sense. after nursing five kids, let’s be real, they don’t stand to attention like they once did and so, miner’s hat ablazing, he proceeded to lift one boob and then the other to survey the skin underneath. 

at that moment it occurred to me, someone gets paid for this. they went to school and decided, “i want to wear a miner’s hat and lift up people’s boobs to see what’s underneath for a living.” seriously. this is the job someone chose and they get to do this every. single. day. it really was a remarkable revelation. 

later that night, heather one-upped me by telling me that, not only did her doctor tell her to strip completely naked, but he also asked her to “bend over and spread her butt cheeks.” i kid you not. you can’t make these things up people. we are living the dream, friends, living the dream. 

i checked out of my doctor’s office and they wanted to schedule me for the next year. i didn’t have the heart to tell them that it would be a cold day in hell before i went to see that doctor again. i figure i’ll wait a couple of months and call back to get one of the five female doctors. i’m pretty sure i’ll ask for the most matronly woman on staff. i want someone to look at my sagging boobs and thong wearing self and say, “you’ve had five kids? dang, girl, you look amazing.” that, or i’ll block this visit out completely again and show up for the next visit wearing no underwear at all. let’s be real. that is probably the route i will take. might as well keep life interesting, right?

Monday, November 6, 2017

travel and indoor cats

when you have pets, travel can become a complicated and often expensive luxury. finding and paying high amounts to a boarding facility or counting on a friend or neighborhood kid comes with added brain damage.

if you are like many out there this holiday season, you will have some travel on the horizon. while i have many people lined up to check in on my cat friends and give them tons of love and attention whenever i travel, i also had some tricks up my sleeve to ensure that everything runs smoothly and i wanted to share those tips with you.

our favorite essentials for cat care while you are traveling

nutrish indoor cat food

providing your fur baby with essential nutrients is imperative. it's no secret that we have both been huge fans and supporters of nutrish since they started their cat food line. their food is exactly what our cats want to eat and provides them with the nutrishion (see what i did there?) they deserve. we also love nutrish because of how they give back and support the adoption of shelter pets. 

automatic pet feeder

this thing has been a life saver for us. even when we don't travel, it's nice to have one less thing to think about on a daily basis. this provides just the right amount of food for our cats on their schedule. they are fed and we are all happy. it's a win-win.

automatic water dispenser

this is another one that is a simple help to pet owners everywhere. my cats only ever want to drink fresh water and consistently getting them the fresh water that they want can be a lot of work. this helps to solve that problem and provides fresh water on a more regular basis without all of the work needed to consistently change out a water bowl. 


the more activities you have for your pets when you are not there, the less likely they are to destroy things that you leave behind. toys around the house provide entertainment for your kitties and help to keep them busy when you can't be there to play with them. 

self-cleaning litter box,  litter tray refills and anti-tracking litter mat

okay friends, these three things are a life-save every. single day. they are amazing. this cat little box is completely automatic. you buy the little boxes, you replace them when they are full and you throw the whole box away. no scooping, no bags, no kitty litter flying all over the place. it's amazing. on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, just change out the boxes. put a lid on the old box and toss it away. easy peasy. seriously. this one is worth your money.

hidden litter box bench

i love this one. no one wants to have to look at a kitty litter box. it's not exactly welcoming in your home. this is a simple way to hide that kitty litter box and have something that looks somewhat attractive in the home. 

a friend to stop in daily for back scratches and loves

a trusted friend or a neighborhood child is worth their weight in gold. "pet-sitting" is a fantastic first job for a sweet, trustworthy neighborhood child and they will usually go above and beyond to do a great job and prove their worth for countless jobs to come. i know our sweet neighborhood kids have spent extra time and energy than we ever imagined they would. they are treasures. when we are away, they are the perfect little people to shower our pets with love and affection and will be just what is needed for our fur babies to make it until we get home. 

....and then don't forget tons of snuggles to give when you return home......i swear, she loves me....but the catnip souvenirs we bring her home from our trips...those she loves more. lol!

rachael ray nutrish continues to give to rachael's rescue, an organization that was created for all the forgotten pets who may not have someone who loves them as much as they deserve. a portion of the proceeds from each sale of nutrish is donated to the rachael ray foundation which helps animals in need through rachael's rescue. through september of 2017, rachael's rescue has donated more than $21 million dollars to pet charities and other organizations that do good for animals. the funds are used for food, medical supplies, treatments and more for the animals in need. many more animals around the country need help, and through rachael's rescue, together we can make a difference in the lives of many four-legged friends. 

you can also follow nutrish at:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

rachael ray nutrish furever home: helping shelter pets find the home they deserve

this is a sponsored post for our friends at rachael ray nutrish. all opinions and thoughts are our own. 

there are certain things we as a blog are passionate about. we love to laugh. we love our families. we love the crazy lives we get to live. we love bright spots in the world and things that bring joy to others. we love laughing at the everyday things that make life interesting. we love that, even when things get hard, we don't have to look far to find really beautiful and amazing people in this world. we love celebrating the good we find all around us and sharing it with as many people as possible. 

that is why, once upon a blogging conference many years ago, we stumbled upon the rachael ray's nutrish pet food booth and we knew it was a match made in heaven. not only did the ladies there laugh with us (and were appropriately horrified at our third boob story), but they also shared with us about their product and the good they are doing in the world around us through their organization, "rachael's rescue". we knew that we would have done about anything to be a part of sharing their good with everyone we meet. 

during the month of october, rachael ray's nutrish pet food is working to bring even more joy to the world through their "furever home" sweepstakes. during the month of october, 2017, your support will help rachael ray nutrish donate $250,000 to benefit shelter pets. this is a project that is near and dear to our hearts. between us, we have three shelter cats that are now adopted and loved in our families. we can't imagine life without jane, mr. darcy and lola and we are excited to see how this project will bring shelter cats into loving homes around the country. 

my own former shelter darcy

and his sister lady jane.

here is how you can be a part of this gift to shelter animals. first, purchase your nutrish pet food as you normally would. (this is a no-brainer for us as it's all we feed our cats.) second, scan your purchase at you can also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win $25,000 and other prizes on the same site. it's as easy as that! 

rachael ray nutrish is donating $250,000 during the month of october to shelter pets in need. the cash donations during this month will be gifted in three equal amounts to three amazing organizations. the first organization is the big dog ranch rescue. the big dog ranch rescue is the largest no-kill dog rescue in the southeastern united states. you can learn more about it at the second organization is the aspca, or the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. this organization is a national leader in the areas of rescue, adoption and animal welfare. they have worked for over 150 years to put an end to animal abuse and neglect. you can find them at the final organization is the north shore animal league. this is the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization and they can be found at the donations to these three organizations will make a tremendous impact on all the amazing work they do and ultimately, the animals will benefit as well as those people like us who chose to adopt out of places such as these. 

beyond simply the joy that is possible through giving back, there is also a possibility to win through the rachael ray nutrish sweepstakes. the sweepstakes began on october 1, 2017 and ends on october 31, 2017 at 11:59:59 ET. you can enter online by registering any nutrish only product during the sweepstakes at there are simple on-screen instructions to help make the registration process simple through uploading your original purchase receipt of your nutrish product. the lovely people at nutrish have even made it possible to enter without a purchase. instructions on how to enter can be found at the grand prize is $25,000 and a one year supply of nutrish dry dog food or a nutrish dry cat food. the pet food alone is a pretty huge gift! three first prizes will also be rewarded, each winning $5,000 and a one year supply of nutrish pet food. how amazing is it to have the chance to help give back while also possibly being blessed in return? seriously. how can you not love this company?

beyond their october campaign, rachael ray nutrish continues to give to rachael's rescue, an organization that was created for all the forgotten pets who may not have someone who loves them as much as they deserve. a portion of the proceeds from each sale of nutrish is donated to the rachael ray foundation which helps animals in need through rachael's rescue. through september of 2017, rachael's rescue has donated more than $21 million dollars to pet charities and other organizations that do good for animals. the funds are used for food, medical supplies, treatments and more for the animals in need. many more animals around the country need help, and through rachael's rescue, together we can make a difference in the lives of many four-legged friends. 

there is a lot going on in the world right now. there are so many in need and so much that needs to be done. just this week someone reminded me of a beautiful quote by mother teresa that says, "not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love." let's do some small things with great love this month. let's help some animals in need this month. let's open our hearts to adopting a shelter animal in need this month. let's spread a little kindness and find some good this month. let's work together to make a difference this month. we have never needed it more. 

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Monday, August 28, 2017

the best products of catconla 2017

this post is sponsored by our wonderful friends at nutrish cat food. as always, the thoughts and opinions are our own.

if you follow us on instagram, you no doubt noticed the many pictures we shared from catconla. it is one of our favorite weekends of the year and we love seeing all the amazing people and the kitten and cat based products there. this year was no exception and we left with a new list of our favorite products that we can't wait to share with you. 

handbags by triple t studios

we loved the items at catconla that managed to be both cat-centric and also beautifully made and stylish. triple t studios makes really striking handbags with simple, clean lines and a feline flare. not only is their product worth noticing, but they are genuinely lovely people as well. we couldn't help but love them and their products. you can find your dream handbag at

necoichi japanese kimono collars 

heather is a huge fan of all things related to japanese culture. she has been to japan a few times, grew up with japanese exchange students and even studied abroad in japan herself. she loves the beautiful kimonos and fabric that japan has to offer. these collars were at catcon this year and they are beautiful. they are made from kimono fabric and are vibrant, beautiful and full of clean lines and graphic designs. we couldn't resist getting one for lola to wear at home. you can get yours at

be one breed stackable cubes

these things are really multifunctional in design and made with adorable fabrics. they are compact and can fit in any home space. they also come three to a package so if you don't need all three, it's a great product to share with a friend. the cubes come with scratching posts, a dangling toy and a padded pillow for cats to sleep on. they are stackable or can be used their own. we are sure our cats would adore them! they are available to purchase at or

shen & sam co. candles

we fell in love with shen and sam co. candles last year at catconla and we loved them again this year. we love their simplicity and the cat patterns combined with beautiful scents. the candles are all soy and hand poured...and they smell amazing. 

handmade catnip toys

we adore toys that are made by hand. we have found that, not only are they made to be more durable than mass produced products, but they also are full of clever designs and bright fun fabrics that are unique and give your cat a one-of-a-kind creation. these two vendors combined clever ideas with excellent workmanship to showcase really fun and beautiful cat toy designs. we couldn't decide between them so we had to include them both. 

these little adorable toys can be found at

these can be found at

the groom ninja

oh my gosh, you guys. this product is amazing. we were actually searching the whole convention for something to help with our cats and their shedding and we just happened to stumble upon this product. we watched the videos the vendors were playing to show how the product worked and we were convinced we had to give it a try. it lived up to the hype and then some. we *love* it and so do our cats. this is the lola hair we collected in less than a minute. seriously. imagine all of this hair on our couches. so gross. we saw a shirt that said "cat hair is lonely people glitter." let's just say that cat hair is the only type of glitter we would rather do without. you can get yours here at

sweet lola purred the whole time. she loved it!

nutrish cat food

okay, we know cat food isn't necessarily a product at catcon, but nutrish was giving out samples of their cat food for everyone who wanted them so we couldn't resist. we are loving the new indoor complete recipe for our indoor cats. overeater mr. darcy can't get enough of it. if you haven't tried it for yourself, check out what you are missing at

you can also follow nutrish at:

that's it! that's the best of the best and they are *all* worth trying. if you didn't make it to catcon, at least you can enjoy all that it had to offer!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

our favorite things about catconla

this post is sponsored by our friend's at nutrish. as always, all opinions and thoughts are our own.

catconla. the very words bring a smile to our faces. the weekend of catcon is one we look forward to for an entire year. we look forward to the people watching, the friends we will see, the amazing products, the parties, the pet adoptions and everything in between. this year didn't disappoint. we drove into pasadena early saturday morning and prepared ourselves for two days of unbeatable fun. 

throughout our weekend, we wrote down a list of our very favorite things from our time there. while it was tough to narrow down our most loved things about the weekend, there were some moments that stood out above all the rest. if you didn't make it to catconla 2017, here is some of what you missed and the reasons why you should go next year. truly, it is a weekend you will not forget.

the costumes

it is impossible to imagine catconla without the amazing costumes. people go all out and we love browsing through the aisles and finding pictures of the best of the best. some of these people don't just love cats, they want to be cats and they strut their cat versions of themselves with pride. it's amazing and while these pictures give you a small glimpse of what we saw, there is nothing like seeing these people in person to put a smile on your face.

there was a male and female version of a crazy cat lady on the same day!

day one did not disappoint. there was so much costume goodness.

okay, this person was not only dressed in a full cat suit, but also wore a backpack that vibrated and "purred" when she was around people. you can't make this stuff up!

while we didn't wear costumes, we did rock some cat ears we were gifted from one of the booths!

and we represented in the cat pun department in spades. 

the nutrish 360 cam

this addition was new to catconla this year and it as the very best way to see all of the people in their amazing costumes. how could you not want to see everyone twirling around in their best cat wear? we couldn't resist and had to jump on for ourselves. 

we didn't hold a candle to this gem. she looked amazing from every angle!

the nutrish booth and caticatures

nutrish never disappoints and as the title sponsor this year, they went above and beyond to make the catcon experience one to be remembered. we love how they use design to make us feel like we are in their very cool, funky, cat-inspired living room. we felt so at home we wanted to camp out and stay for a while. their cat themed artwork covered the walls and each person who entered the space was met with a caricature artist that combined each person with their pet into a caticature. we laughed at ours for days...mostly because we are pretty sure they put heather's face on the face of the cat and my face on a cat's butt. i'm not sure what i did to the artist to make him draw me like that but our kids thought it was hilarious.

each part of the nutrish booth was carefully designed with thoughtful details.

two artists worked all day, each day drawing caticatures.


adoptions through the pasadena spca

we absolutely adore the fact that catconla works to find homes for dozens of shelter cats over the catcon weekend. we visited the adoption site on sunday morning and at that moment, seventy seven cats and kittens had already been adopted. we love visiting with the precious kittens up for adoption and, while we loved on the new kitties, we were reminded of last year and heather's adoption of sweet lola. catcon holds a special place in our hearts because it is where we met lola and she became a part of the third boob family.

sweet babies up for adoption

if i didn't already have two, i would have been so tempted buy this sweet one.

buzz feed's "party right meow"

buzz feed always brings their "a" game to catconla. this year they did it through an amazing party at "the rose" in pasadena and we were treated to cat photos, a human sized cat scratching post, cat themed cocktails, a kitten petting station and a place to make your own cat ears. we loved having an evening to play and enjoy the cat treats while visiting with friends and making new ones. each detail was carefully thought of and it was definitely a highlight of our weekend. 

seriously, where else would we ever be able to do this?

it was so much fun cuddling sweet kittens!

getting to see our wonderful friends 

we always cherish moments we get to spend together. we have been friends for over half of our lifetimes and it is a joy to get to spend time together. it's especially great when we get to spend time together doing things we both enjoy. catcon is a weekend full of laughter and friendship and, truly, the greatest thing about it is that we get to experience it together.

when we began working with nutrish several years ago, we anticipated working with great people but we are so thrilled with the friends we have made in that company. the nutrish team is full of amazing people with compassionate hearts and a passion for what they do. they make these conferences and all their events not only worth attending but worth remembering. we truly appreciate their friendship and support of us over the years and we are so very thankful for them. they truly are the very best part of catconla and the part we look forward to repeating year after year.

we couldn't love nutrish more. we love the company and we love how they give back. a portion of nutrish proceeds goes to rachael's rescue which was created to help animals in need. as of december, 2016, $17.5 million has been donated. this money has gone toward food, medical supplies and treatments for these unfortunate animals. we would love for you to love them too.

you can find nutrish at:

and at


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

nuggets of wisdom from great wolf lodge

my friend is currently on a family vacation to great wolf lodge. this is her first great wolf experience and she quickly shared with me some tremendous nuggets of wisdom she had gleaned from her first day at the water park. these truths were too good not to share. please read and take these to heart before you head to a water park near you. 

1) extremely hairy men should really avoid speedos. 

let's be real. all men should really avoid speedos. no one wants to see all those franks and beans. still, excessive body hair takes the speedo wearing to another level. if you lay in the water and you can't distinguish your body hair flowing in the waves from the hair on your may be time to cover up just a bit more of the body...and the hair. 

2) cute little triangle bikinis are for the beach...not the water slide. 

i'm all for a cute bikini while one is laying on the beach. if you love a bikini on the beach or at the pool...go for it! the water park, however, may call for leaving that bikini at home. the point of water parks is to shoot your body down slides and have water rushing at you from various directions. when water is pushed at you with that force, those bikinis don't stand a chance. there's a whole lot of accidental naked happening at the water parks, people...a whole lot of accidental naked. save the adorable bikini for a place where you will feel and be able to recover when it is pushed off of your private bits.

3) thongs are also probably not a good idea...especially on your teenage daughter. 

i don't want to start something controversial here, but i don't really want to see anyone's butt cheeks if i can help it. i'm all for girls being confident and feeling great about themselves, but let's be real. wearing a thong to a water park is not only impractical, but it also serves to gather particular attention. guess who is at water parks, you precious teen girls. dads. dads are at water parks...and very hairy men in speedos. if there are any cute teen boys there, they are with their families and will be eating pizza with their little brothers and then sharing a giant family suite where they will bunk up with several siblings. great wolf lodge isn't the place to flaunt what you've got. put on something sporty and go on the water slides. you will have so much more fun than you would strutting your half naked self for hairy speedo men to see. 

4) swimming suits that fit are always the most flattering. 

you guys, just find something that fits you well and that won't come off down a water slide. don't worry about the size or the style. just be comfortable and get out there. if you are popping out of your swimming suit at any location (under, over, on the side), it's not flattering. not on anyone. find a suit that fits. 

5) the most beautiful people are the parents who are enjoying their kids

seriously. the parents who are laughing and loving their kids are stunningly gorgeous. they are living the life of joy out there down those water slides. they aren't worried about their swimming suit falling off or their cellulite legs. they are out there building memories with their kids and that, my friends, is beautiful. just let loose and be a kid with your kids. my favorite memories as a parent are those that happened when i left the serious parent behind and rode the water slide, got under the water, splashed and played with my kiddos and just learned to let go. those moments build memories that will last a lifetime, both for your kiddos and for you. live it up, my friends, and you will be absolutely gorgeous in the process. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

to the man who did the unthinkable...

to the man who assaulted a five year old...

where do i begin? what do i even have to say? you are the worst kind of predator. you, the man who sat in a bathroom stall and waiting for silence, silence except for the happy chatter of two little boys. you chose an amusement park full of happy, joyful children to yank two boys from their innocence and into your bathroom stall. when they got away from you, you tried to sneak out of that bathroom, a towel over your head to avoid recognition. you used your mental disability as an excuse for your behavior, right after whispering the words, "don't tell your mommy" to my little boy and his friend. your disability excuse is a disservice to every beautiful, wonderful mentally challenged person i have met, who meet their disability with honor and grace and morality. you, you are the worst kind of predator, but you do not win.

to the mother who took my son and yours to the amusement park...

you are the superhero of this story. you did everything right. when two little boys needed to use the restroom, you let them experience that tiny piece of independence, knowing they were going in together and expecting them to be safe. you didn't just watch from afar, you stood at that bathroom entrance and listened and waited for those two little boys to come marching out. you listened to their silly chatter and then, in the middle of an amusement park full of people and chaos, you noticed when their chatter stopped. you noticed the quiet. you noticed the seconds ticking by. you noticed things weren't right...and you acted on it. you called their names. you waited as my son came out first and you listened to his story of a man in a stall. you believed him and you called out your son. when his story was the same, you did the impossible. you secured the boys with another mother and you marched into that men's bathroom, not knowing who or what you would find. you confronted a stranger and a potential predator and, when he ran, you ran after him. you managed to overtake a man, younger than we are and probably faster. that's what moms do. we fight for our kids. we stop at nothing to protect them. we put on our superhero capes and we show the world what bravery is. that's what mothers do and that's what you did, not just for your own son, but for mine.

to the countless people who stepped in to help...

you are the brightest of lights in the darkest of moments. 

you were the mom who sat with little, scared boys while a man was being chased down. 

you were the gentleman who blocked the path of the man running to slow him down enough to be apprehended. you didn't know what the story was, or what you were facing, but you bravely jumped in anyway. 

you were the man who used the restroom before my son and his friend entered. you calmly and carefully washed your hands as those boys entered. my son noticed you. you were the "nice man who didn't do anything scary." you, just by being there and by being good, gave those boys a few more seconds of innocence. without saying a word, you protected two little boys a few moments longer. a few seconds made a world of difference in what could have happened to those boys. you mattered. 

you were the amusement park worker who brought my son ice cream as security and the police were called. when i arrived with all my other kids, you did the same for each one of my other children. you were older than me, and i'm guessing you are a mother because you mothered each of my kids. you fed them, got them special drinks, brought them ice cream. you took some of the fear away and started to turn things around with simple, kind gestures. you are important.

to my little boy...

i'm so very proud of you. i'm so proud of you for running away. i'm proud of you for speaking up and telling someone what happened, even when that someone wasn't your own mommy. i'm so proud of you for being brave. i'm proud of you for knowing the difference between right and wrong and for speaking out against the wrong. i'm so proud of you for telling your story to the people who needed to hear it, people who can testify for you so this won't happen again. i'm proud of you for helping to put a stop to a sexual predator. you were brave so other little boys don't have to be. this experience, sweet little boy, won't be your story. your story will be one of bravery, of knowing what is right from wrong and standing up for what is right, even when faced with insurmountable obstacles. you, my beautiful, brave, strong little boy, won't carry this around with you. your strength, your humor and your resilience have won that battle already. this will not be your story. your story is full of strength and, like your name means, of laughter. no one can steal that.

to the lost man who did the unthinkable...

you do not win today. so many other good people win. so many brave people win. so many kind people win. with one sick choice, you altered the course of your own life. you set into motion a series of consequences that will follow you for a lifetime. you have written a page of your story that will be unshakeable and will be a part of a label that will be with you for the remainder of your days. with one choice, you have cemented the trajectory of your future...but you have not cemented mine. you have not ruined my faith in humanity. you have not ruined my precious boy. you have not tarnished my faith in god. you do not win. everything good wins today, everything brave, everything hopeful, everything kind...those things win today...and they are so much bigger than you.