Monday, August 28, 2017

the best products of catconla 2017

this post is sponsored by our wonderful friends at nutrish cat food. as always, the thoughts and opinions are our own.

if you follow us on instagram, you no doubt noticed the many pictures we shared from catconla. it is one of our favorite weekends of the year and we love seeing all the amazing people and the kitten and cat based products there. this year was no exception and we left with a new list of our favorite products that we can't wait to share with you. 

handbags by triple t studios

we loved the items at catconla that managed to be both cat-centric and also beautifully made and stylish. triple t studios makes really striking handbags with simple, clean lines and a feline flare. not only is their product worth noticing, but they are genuinely lovely people as well. we couldn't help but love them and their products. you can find your dream handbag at

necoichi japanese kimono collars 

heather is a huge fan of all things related to japanese culture. she has been to japan a few times, grew up with japanese exchange students and even studied abroad in japan herself. she loves the beautiful kimonos and fabric that japan has to offer. these collars were at catcon this year and they are beautiful. they are made from kimono fabric and are vibrant, beautiful and full of clean lines and graphic designs. we couldn't resist getting one for lola to wear at home. you can get yours at

be one breed stackable cubes

these things are really multifunctional in design and made with adorable fabrics. they are compact and can fit in any home space. they also come three to a package so if you don't need all three, it's a great product to share with a friend. the cubes come with scratching posts, a dangling toy and a padded pillow for cats to sleep on. they are stackable or can be used their own. we are sure our cats would adore them! they are available to purchase at or

shen & sam co. candles

we fell in love with shen and sam co. candles last year at catconla and we loved them again this year. we love their simplicity and the cat patterns combined with beautiful scents. the candles are all soy and hand poured...and they smell amazing. 

handmade catnip toys

we adore toys that are made by hand. we have found that, not only are they made to be more durable than mass produced products, but they also are full of clever designs and bright fun fabrics that are unique and give your cat a one-of-a-kind creation. these two vendors combined clever ideas with excellent workmanship to showcase really fun and beautiful cat toy designs. we couldn't decide between them so we had to include them both. 

these little adorable toys can be found at

these can be found at

the groom ninja

oh my gosh, you guys. this product is amazing. we were actually searching the whole convention for something to help with our cats and their shedding and we just happened to stumble upon this product. we watched the videos the vendors were playing to show how the product worked and we were convinced we had to give it a try. it lived up to the hype and then some. we *love* it and so do our cats. this is the lola hair we collected in less than a minute. seriously. imagine all of this hair on our couches. so gross. we saw a shirt that said "cat hair is lonely people glitter." let's just say that cat hair is the only type of glitter we would rather do without. you can get yours here at

sweet lola purred the whole time. she loved it!

nutrish cat food

okay, we know cat food isn't necessarily a product at catcon, but nutrish was giving out samples of their cat food for everyone who wanted them so we couldn't resist. we are loving the new indoor complete recipe for our indoor cats. overeater mr. darcy can't get enough of it. if you haven't tried it for yourself, check out what you are missing at

you can also follow nutrish at:

that's it! that's the best of the best and they are *all* worth trying. if you didn't make it to catcon, at least you can enjoy all that it had to offer!


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