Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a birthday without a glue stick--guest post by melissa @ momcomm

my kids have the same birthday, three years apart. 

yep, that's right. they are roughly three years and four hours apart. and no, it wasn't planned.

i've always had a crafty side - scrapbooking, graphic design, heck I even made soap for a time - but with two kids, running my consulting business, keeping up with two blogs and just life in general, my craftiness somehow got stored on the shelf for a while.

but then birthdays roll around. and I get that itch to CREATE something. i want my kids to have a birthday from "pages" of pinterest in all its crafty goodness.

i've done it before. last year, i went all out throwing both of my kids a party in the same day. one for little roo turning one and then more people came and we continued the celebration for big roo turning four. um, that was nuts.

this year? i just didn't have it in me to get all crafty. but yet that mama guilt creeped in like mama guilt does and i worried when their birthday rolled around, they'd be disappointed. 

it's not like i didn't have anything planned. we had balloons and a gift each to greet them in the morning. we made rice krispy treats for their classes at school. we ate at mcdonalds for lunch (which we never do!). we went to chuck e cheese for dinner (another thing we never do!). and we even had a little cake for them at home after dinner. 

a totally exhausting day without one picture-perfect craft in sight. 

little roo was so exhausted he fell asleep right on my chest (that's after the nap in his crib, by the way). snuggling with my baby boy on his special day. and it hit me. 

why should I feel guilty that I didn't break out glue, paper and ribbon to make some snazzy decor or spend all day slaving over a creatively cute meal? after all, they don't care that their meal didn't come from my pinterest food board or that I didn't stay up all night making something for them. i treated them like birthday boys in the simplest way possible: i showed them they were loved. 

and there wasn't a glue stick in sight. 

melissa culbertson is a mom, marketing communications consultant, blogger, author of the diy blog critique and creator of the upcoming content brew, an online blogging course about content planning and idea creation. you can find her on twitter and at hanging out at her blogs momcomm and adventuroo.