Sunday, December 25, 2011

mmmmm, mondays: greek lemon chicken soup

we hope that you all had a wonderful day together with family yesterday and that santa brought you everything that you wanted. 

for my family, we decided to forgo the usual feast of ham, turkey and all the fixin's and have a yummy trio of soups. we served baked potato soup, red and black bean chili with cornbread and greek lemon soup; they were all amazing and it was the most simple and satisfying christmas meal to date. you can find the link to the baked potato soup here, if interested (it's amazing). i will post the chili recipe next monday and the greek lemon chicken soup is below. 

greek lemon chicken soup

4 chicken breasts (or 2 rotisserie chickens)
2 cups lemon juice (usually 6-8 lemons)
3 tablespoons lemon herb seasoning (the trade winds brand from smart & final is amazing)
3 qt chicken broth
3 eggs (beaten)
3 cups of cooked rice (i have used quinoa too and it was great!)

boil the chicken in 2qts water for approximately 15 minutes.
shred the chicken with a fork into bite sized strips.
(or you can buy 2 rotisserie chickens and simply remove the meat and cut into bite sized strips)

add chicken to a large pot (either the shredded chicken you cooked or the rotisserie you didn't). 

add lemon juice, chicken broth and lemon herb seasoning. bring to a boil. 

take some of the hot broth from the pot and SLOWLY add to the beaten eggs, stirring constantly. (this brings the eggs closer to the temp of the soup). 

add the eggs VERY SLOWLY to the hot soup mixture, stirring constantly so that the eggs don't clump.

add the cooked rice and return the soup to a boil. 

serve and enjoy!

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  1. This sounds really good I'll have to pick up some lemon herb seasoning.