Wednesday, December 21, 2011

diy -- wall magnetic tray for toddlers

while i love the look of stainless steel, i was disappointed when we had children that we would miss out on all the cool, educational magnetic toys that are available. then along came pinterest (if you haven't discovered it yet, you must. it is so amazingly addicting. but i digress...perhaps we devote a whole post to pinterest?) 

i found a link to a blog where this *brilliant* woman had the idea to use an oil pan (yes. from an automotive store) mounted on the wall as a magnetic surface. 
i promptly went out and purchased two fabulous fridge leap frog items and it has provided my kiddos with countless hours of entertainment. 

if you are looking for an inexpensive way to entertain the kiddos during the holiday break or another inexpensive christmas gift, this is it!

note: you will need to clean the oil pan quite a bit before mounting it to the wall (it has quite a greasy film on it), but I just used some clorox spray and it came off rather quickly. also, we used wood screws to mount the pan directly into the fabulous painted wood paneling in the play room, but the blogger that originally came up with idea used velcro. 


  1. This is quite impressive to say the least. A magnetic wall can be used for design, minimize misplacement of markers and be a medium for hours of fun.

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