Thursday, December 15, 2011

friday fun finds: must-have christmas albums

i have a slight obsession addiction with christmas. it's everything really: the lights, the traditions, the spirit......but most of all i adore the music. i have been under the personal assumption that i quite possibly may have the largest collection of holiday diddies in the entire universe....but it pales in comparison to the one of my dear friend and christmas soul mate, brian. with his help, we have come up with the best (in our self-proclaimed expert opinions) christmas albums of all time. enjoy!

dare i say this may be my *favorite* christmas album of all times? when it comes to christmas music the crooners just dominate.

a beautiful, timeless classic. you can't go wrong with his version of "the christmas song".

throwing a holiday party? this album will have everyone in a happy, festive mood. 

there are certain songs or albums that bring you back to moments in time and help you recall happy memories. this is brian's personal all-time childhood favorite.

a amazing album by an equally as amazing christian group. if you haven't heard their music yet, you are missing out....but certainly don't pass on this christmas album.

i find mr. connick and his voice simply dreamy. all of his christmas albums are fantastic but this happens to be my personal favorite.

one might not immediately think of christmas when you hear the name garth brooks, but this album and his version of "home for the holidays" is divine.

james taylor + christmas. enough said.

a terrific instrumental that brings back childhood memories.

mariah carey--merry christmas
i realise that people either love or hate mariah carey....especially when it comes to christmas. we are in the "love" camp. she wrote "all i want for christmas is you" and it is still one of my all time favorite christmas songs. some may call it a little boppy or cheesy, but i adore it.

phineas and ferb holiday favorites
if your kids are big disney channel or phineas and ferb fans buy this album. it is funny and cute and bottom line is that the kids *love* it.

both brian and i are giant muppet fans (it may be a major reason of why we are friends) that aside, this album is a personal childhood favorite. i remember watching the special air on television and i have tried in vain to find a video recording of it somewhere in existence. the version of "12 days of christmas" that is on this album is hilarious.....seriously. miss piggy belting "5 gold rings"? you had me at miss piggy.

you just can't go wrong with steve tyrell....and his christmas album is no exception. his voice makes me swoon.

there is just something about karen carpenter's voice that is so soothing and hypnotic. her voice + christmas tunes = pure magic.

i had this album growing up and it is one of those that i know every word to every song. the words simply evoke so many memories for me.

the beautiful harmonies that this christian group creates are a not-miss.

personally, i am not a part of the josh groban fan club. now don't get all worked up and leave a bunch of mean comments....i think he has an amazing voice. really, i do. i wouldn't purchase and listen to his albums in general.....but his christmas album is down right beautiful. 

they are the "it" group and their christmas album does not disappoint. a perfect gift for that country fan on your christmas list.

did we forget about *your* favorite christmas album? please. do tell. leave a comment. we would love for you to help enable our christmas music purchasing addiction. 


  1. Dave Barnes has a totally amazing Christmas album that you will want to check out! He does some classics (I'll Be Home for Christmas), some fun re-do's (like All I Want For Christmas is You), and some original songs! I love Christmas Tonight which is a duet with Dave Barnes and Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum!

    Of course - Kenny & Dolly's Christmas is a must listen too!

  2. How about Neil Diamond or Robert Goulet's Christmas albums? They're the best!!

  3. I really like John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas, Over the Rhine's Snow Angels (a MUST), Sarah Mchlachan's Wintersong, Sufjan Stevens has some fun stuff, and I agree with the former comment about Kenny Rogers Christmas. Also, Alabama.

  4. Frank Sinatra's Christmas album is wonderful! The Christmas Waltz is one of my favorites. Love Josh Groban and Harry Connick Jr., too! The Michael Buble CD is on my wish list.

  5. thanks, ladies for the suggestions. all good ones....and some i had never even heard of. love!!