Friday, December 23, 2011

friday fun finds-- top christmas cookie recipes

christmas is upon us and i am baking up a storm! here are my favorite recipes of the season. enjoy!

this idea has gone viral and i am not sure where it first came from. you can bake brownies from scratch (as in the recipe link), but my plan is to buy brownie bites at costco, strawberries and icing and simply assemble. they are so easy to make and couldn't be cuter.
(photo credit:

i think that these are a little time consuming, but they were a tradition in my home growing up. looking forward to making them. buttery and delicious.

a yearly tradition in nellie's house. fun and simple.

adorable! what fun to make with the kiddos!

you had me at paula dean. won't this make a lovely hostess gift?


couldn't be cuter!

the fastest desert. to make and eat. they will be gone in a flash.

they are made with no egg so you (or your kiddos) can eat the dough. (not that i have ever done that--hee, hee).

so easy and so good. a great crowd pleaser.

this will be my first time making these....but don't they look heavenly?

what is *your* favorite holiday baking recipe?


  1. I love those santa hats and the melted snowman cookies. I'll have to put them on my list for next year. Our favorite Christmas cookies right now are "Minty Christmas cookies" they have bits of crushed candy cane in them as well as red and green m&m's. YUM! I think we made at least 8 batches this year!

    1. minty christmas cookies sound amazing! i will have to beg you for the recipe next year. :-)

  2. Hi, there! Just an FYI - The photo of the Santa Hat Brownies came from my Could you add a photo credit link back to my blog. THANKS.


    1. of course! thank you *so* much for letting us know.
      fabulous photo, by the way!