Friday, March 2, 2012

friday fun finds: the worst baby shower games ever

i've just had two amazing showers for my baby cinco. the best part about both of them, they were full of wonderful, delicious food, adult conversation, and not one party game. don't get me wrong, i love some games at showers and do like to stay busy while i'm watching a mother-to-be open presents....but there are some games that should be eliminated forever.

normally our friday fun finds are full of fabulous items you could purchase or make for your own home. today, we're taking the opposite approach. we've found games that could perhaps ruin a shower instead of enhance it. you're welcome to try these out and decide for yourself. heck, you may just want to try all of them at a baby shower and see if you can salvage a shower in spite of them. either way, here's our finds...a list of games not to play at a baby shower.
  • measuring the mommy's belly with toilet paper: this game involves every person at the shower tearing off a piece of toilet paper (or sometimes ribbon) that they think will fit around the mom-to-be's belly. they will inevitably either tear off a piece that is much too small (which will be revealed when the mother's belly is measured accurately) or way too big (making the mother feel like she looks as big as a whale.) any way you slice it, this game does nothing for the mommy-to-be's self esteem. stick to telling the mom that she is skinny. this will make her happy.
  • melting chocolate bars in diapers: i have to admit, i've done this one before and it is pretty funny. still, counting on the gross factor is a bit much for shower entertainment. this game involves numbering about ten diapers and finding then different chocolate bars to melt in one of each of the ten diapers to resemble poop. yes, poop. the guests then get a paper with the numbers 1-10 and they try to guess which chocolate bar has been melted in each one of the diapers. it can be funny to see guests examining the contents of the diapers but it is still kind of disgusting.
  • having guest guess what a mother ate by looking at real poopy diapers: no joke, someone actually did this at a baby shower. a mother took the time to collect her newborn baby's poopy diapers over the course of a couple of days, had the guests smell the poop and then write down what they thought the mommy had eaten based on the smell of the poopy. i am not telling a lie. this really did happen. the twisted thought process that went into creating this game is enough to make me think the new mommy was suffering from some kind of postpartum dementia. any way you slice it, this game is sick and wrong. don't go there. leave the poopies in a trash can outside and walk away. there is no other option.
  • identifying different jars of baby food: this one involves blindfolding people and having them eat and then try to identify the different flavors of baby food. pregnant ladies have a sensitive enough stomach without making them eat some disgusting form of baby food. you want your guests to enjoy good food at a shower, not gag and have to run to the nearest bathroom. spend the time and money on making some really great desserts for people. they will thank you.
  • chewing gum babies: yep. this game involves everyone in attendance chewing bubble gum and then sculpting a "baby" out of the pinkish, saliva ridden wad. it is disgusting on its own, but what made this shower game even more horrific was that it was a team game. yes, nothing says "can't wait for you to have your baby" like a group of ladies molding each others discarded chewing gum into fetus-like creatures.  
so, what did we miss? anyone have any awful shower games to add to the list? we would love to hear.


  1. The TP Tummy is the worst in my world. Never heard of the gum babies before though...gross!

  2. I was there for a shower that did the digusting chocolate in the diaper game. I, seriously, couldn't participate. Even though I knew it was chocolate, it made me sick to look at. I always win the estimating the mommy's belly one. So, I like to play it, but never do it when I host the shower because I don't want the mommy to feel self conscious. Who needs a room full of people starting intently at your body? But, I have seen one game you didn't mention here that tops them all. It's more popular with a coed group. You get 2 volunteers (preferably guys) to have an ice cream eating contest blind folded using only their mouth- like a dog. Once blindfolded- the chocolate ice cream is served in- you guessed it- diapers. Of course cameras are rolling and as the 2 heartily delved into the brown content of a diaper. That has to be the WORST!

  3. oh my goodness! i have never heard of that game--that is AWFUL! thanks for sharing. :-)