Thursday, March 22, 2012

eight things i miss about high school-- guest post by sili @ mymamihood

eight things i miss about high school

i never thought I'd say it but, as my high school's 20th reunion is around the corner (yes, I graduated high school at age 8, thanks for noticing!) I am finding myself all mushy about that era.

perhaps it's the fact that i've managed to reconnect with quite a few of my classmates on facebook. or perhaps it's because, having gone to 2 different high schools, i didn't have enough years in either school to make me bitter and ornery at my age (of 28, yes). so, here's my list:

1. shoulder pads: why you ask? because i think they made me look taller and hip. didn't you wear blazers a size too big?

2. hair spray: you'd think i wouldn't because i hate product in my hair but, i kinda miss the big bangs that were big enough to tell people i was from nyc but not so big as to be confused with one of those jersey girls

3. no car payment: i mean, it was practical. my first car was my dad's 5 speed jeep cherokee! i was hip and with it and loaded with cash. and by cash i mean i didn't have much to spend my check from my:

4. part-time job: ah! what i wouldn't give to sit around at the doctor's office in the naval hospital hanging out with my friends, filing and listening to music and perhaps hacking the time clock so we could get out a full 15 minutes early!

5. sleepovers: every once in a while i want to have one of these but i'm afraid my girlfriends would think i'm nuts. plus, there's the slight issue of the children. i miss staying up late watching movies with the girls, giggling about nothing (while sober, mind you) and making sure we took pictures that had to be developed at a photo lab for posterity

6. lunch: i (try to) work from home now and what i wouldn't give to get up out of my chair around noon, walk to a lunch line and simply tell the lady behind that counter what to put on my plate. without thinking about it, without needing to go to the store to buy stuff, without expending any of my already dwindling
energy on the task of feeding and being fed

7. spirit week: i would love to have a mami spirit week! where we go off and get dressed up in our colors, take pictures with likeminded people and then, hold a pep rally for ourselves. sounds like fun, no? i really didn't appreciate this perk when i had the chance

8. senior skip day: what i wouldn't give for a mami skip day! a day when i'd wake up knowing i wouldn't have to do any of my mami chores, turn in any mami homework or show up to mami school. i would call my friends up, make sure my car paymentless self would be packed up and ready to head to the beach and, without a care in the world i would ride around picking everyone up and then: off to the beach for a day of frolicking and teenage bliss!

i know a lot of us have hangups about high school. bad situations, awkward moments and at times just sad instances. but, i want to remember the good things, the things that we miss and perhaps the people that helped make those teenage years a little more bearable. do you miss anything about high school?

when not pretending she’s a blogger/writer/editor/social media extraordinaire to her family and friends, sili is busy rearing and shaping her 2 year old frog princess into a natural born leader (read: she’s bossy and she gets it from her mama). sili wants world peace and a good glass of wine. and, whatever those two things might lead to. read more of sili’s writing on her blog my mamihood)


  1. I loved high school to be quite honest with you. I went to a boarding school so I was away from home and the daily barrage of parents. It had its moments but overall it was one big ol' sleepover in between classes. Oh, the memories. I miss the Breakfast Club, 90210 (the original), 21 Jump Street...Should I continue?


  2. My 20th reunion happens to be this year! I was one of those that happened to love high school. I too long for those fun slumber parties with girlfriends, fun times! I could so relate to all 8 of your high school faves, shoulder pads included! lol

  3. Oh my freaking God! Hilarious!!! I would love to have sleepovers with my girlfriends now too! Love your list!

  4. That no car payment was awesome, wish I had that now :)