Wednesday, July 13, 2011


if you are anything like me, the dvd collection in you house that used to be full of some classic chic flicks is now full of baby einstein and pixar. i can sing along, recite some of the lines. i'm quite proficient. i am so tired of most of the movies that just the opening credits can about push me over the edge. there is one exception to that general rule..."up." that movie is fabulous. the first ten minutes alone are some of the greatest in disney animation. it is full of so many wonderful, relatable characters.

there is one character in particular, however, that i relate to the most. no, the old man doesn't remind me of my grandfather nor the little boy one of my own. nope, it's that stupid dog who keeps getting distracted by squirrels. anyone?

i feel like my mommy brain has left the building. i'll be working on cleaning my bathroom, leave to go get the mop from the garage, walk in there and totally forget the reason i was headed that direction. i'll stand in the garage and look around for a while and then find some project in there to work on until it comes to me. when i finally do remember and grab the mop, i'll get three other things in my brain to do before i actually get myself back upstairs. no wonder it takes me so long to get one room clean...i cleaned up three things before i could get around to finishing.

don't even get me started on conversations. i'll be talking about one thing with someone and want to jump to three other topics mid sentence. squirrel! it's as if the information leaving my brain has made room for the three other items i've been waiting to share with someone. once the first bit is out, i have more room in there! i'm notorious for changing sentences and ideas in a heart beat. this is all fine and somehow works but then i usually forget what i was originally discussing.

does anyone else have this problem or am i alone in my squirrel distraction? i have to hope that in this crazy journey through motherhood, we've all been there. perhaps it's because i stay at home with kids all day and my adult topics of conversation are shelved until someone over the age of 8 walks through the door. i get so excited just to say something that sounds intelligent that i sabotage myself by starting one thing and then jumping topics every thirty seconds...squirrel! and then, squirrel! and then, squirrel!

perhaps this is all just a providential lesson in humility. perhaps all these kids have slowly killed my brain cells. perhaps the human mind can only hold so many details and bits of information before it starts to malfunction. who knows? in the hopes of regaining some of my sanity, however, i'm stating what has been obvious to my friends for years now. i get distracted by squirrels all the time. feel free to call me out on it...squirrel!


  1. I 100% relate Nellie! Because I know two other people do too, I am going to have to send this to my Mom and sister!

  2. I'm right there with you. I feel like I'm on one train of though then oh, look a chicken.... What was I saying????

  3. This is one of my favorite movies as well and it took an old co-worker of mine to point out that I was just like that dog...squirrel in fat that is my name in her phone. :) You are not alone.

  4. I'm up here at this computer reading this blog right now because I forgot why I came in this room in the first place. I am totally not even kidding. So of course I love this post, and hate to admit that I relate all too well!