Tuesday, July 12, 2011

getting ready for baby: changing table must haves

everyone is different. some mommies swear by an actual changing table. other mommies throw a changing pad down on the floor or on a nearby bed. i have used about everything and currently have a changing pad up on top of a dresser. whatever you use to change your baby, you'll be using a lot of it so make it convenient for yourself. you'll be amazed at how many diapers you'll change in your baby's lifetime. get what you need and have it handy to make the process a painless as possible.

here's what you'll need for your changing table:

a changing pad - whether you use just a waterproof mat on top of a bed or buy a contoured changing pad with a cover, you'll want something to change your baby on. diapers are not poopy proof and you will at some point have leakage. my personal favorite is the "up the back" diaper disaster. if you are changing on your carpet or on a duvet, you'll have a lot more laundry and cleaning if you don't put a pad down first. i personally like the contoured changing pads with removable and washable covers. when one gets dirty, i can just replace it with another and run a load of laundry. i love simple and easy.

diapers - this one seems obvious. every baby is different so you may have to try a few to get the fit that works for you. my motto is "always buy the cheapest diapers that do the job." if the best name brands are the only ones that work for you, by all means, spend the money to avoid spill outs. if a generic, cheaper brand works just as well, save your money and buy the cheap stuff. these are for poopies, remember. they are not status symbols.

wipes - i buy these in bulk. you can never have too many and, unlike diapers, your baby won't grow out of them anytime soon. buy a ton of them and then buy a ton more. you will use these.

wash cloths - it is inevitable. as soon as you get the diaper off of your baby, they will decide to pee. i cannot tell you the number of times i have gone to reach for the clean diaper and have looked back to find my little baby boy has peed all over his own face. there's nothing like it. having a little wash cloth handy to cover little peeps will save you from having to do an early bath-time.

butt paste - i've tried all types of diaper creams and so has chach. our personal favorite is butt paste. your baby will eventually get a diaper rash. have something on hand to deal with it. there is nothing more sad than a baby in pain from a diaper rash. butt paste will do the trick.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Diaper Rash Ointment, Tube 4 oz (113 g)

diaper champ (can use regular trash bags) - you'll need somewhere to put your baby's dirty diapers. diaper champs are great if you want to throw the diaper away inside the house. you can attach regular garbage bags inside and you can empty the pail as easily a you throw out the trash. both chach and i have used these and like them. they do get stinky over time, however so they never lasted longer than a year or so. still, for the price, a year isn't bad. i currently use a big bucket that i place outside the door leading to the garage. i line it with a garbage bag and dump dirty diapers right outside the door and then empty it when it gets full. i'd just rather have poopies outside of my house. whatever works conveniently for you is great. just don't leave a full poopy diaper in your kitchen garbage can unless you are really comfortable with the smell.

Baby Trend Diaper Champ

vaseline or aquaphor - if you have a little boy and you decided to get your baby circumcised, you'll need some vaseline or aquaphor to put on your baby's diaper to keep their little peep from sticking as it heals. i know it is graphic but it's reality.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment - 1.7 oz tube

nasal aspirator - babies have boogers. it's as simple as that. their little noses are too small to get anything out without one of these so have them on hand. you and your baby will both be happier for it.

did we forget anything? so many baby items are personal favorites of certain mommies. i'm sure we can all use your own expertise so share with us if there's something vital we've forgotten. we mommies need each other!

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