Tuesday, July 19, 2011

getting ready for baby: clothing (layette)

the idea of getting ready for baby seems so overwhelming....and clothing is no exception! as we have said before, here are our guidelines as mommies. we are not experts, we just wanted to take the time to pass on the knowledge we have gained from the experience of raising a total of 6 kiddos. if you have anything else to add to our suggestions, please comment and share your knowledge too.

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every baby is different and when it comes to clothing this is no exception. i remember getting ready for my first child----i washed every stitch of clothing that i had received or purchased and felt so prepared. it was wonderful.....except for the fact that my newborn *never* was little enough to wear any of the newborn sizes i had purchased, was able to wear the 0-3 months sizes for only a week and flew through the 3-6 months sized clothing in a little over 2 months. (he was a tank). so, when it comes to clothing it is a little bit of a guessing game. here are our suggestions for what you should have on hand to welcome your new little bundle of joy home:

newborn (nb) size: i would be careful about this one. maybe just a outfit to go home in? if you want to purchase more i would suggest leaving the tags on and keeping the receipt so you can easily return them if you are not in the newborn size for long (or at all).

0-3 months: 
you might want to hold off washing all of these at first too, but here is what we think is a good idea to have on hand:

5 gowns (these are the ones with the elastic around the bottom and look sort of like a dress. they are offer easy access for diaper changing......and believe me, after the 500,000th diaper change in a day, you will be happy you had these.)
Carter's 2PK Stripe & Animal Print Gowns BLUE MULTI (0-3 Months)

5 sleepers (aka footie pajamas)
Zutano Print Footie, Owls, 3 Months (0-3 months)

10+ onesies (combo of short and long sleeves depending on where you live)
Gerber 4-Pack Long Sleeve Onesies Brand One Piece Underwear - White, 0-3 Months
4 knit caps

10+ pairs of socks

Baby Essentials Polka Dot Mary Jane 4 Pack Sock Set, Polka Dot, 0-6 Months

6 Pairs of Johnny's Hightop Tennis Shoe Socks by Trumpette - Multi-colored - 0-12 Mths

6 everyday outfits (although this depends on what kind of parent you are. if you are anything like us, your little one will live in sleepers, onesies and gowns for the ease of it).

2 nice outfits (for church, a party, etc.)

outerwear maybe a hoody sweatshirt and a couple lightweight sweaters

shoes don't do it. you will probably get some as a gift and you can keep them if you like.......but really. they are a silly waste of money.

hope that this helps a little. like we said, we are no experts and if you have any other suggestions to share, please let us know. stay tuned for next weeks getting ready for baby!

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  1. Great suggestions!! Into the "don't really have to have it" category, I'm inclined to add bassinets and baby baths in terms of equipment :-)

    And I heartily concur about shoes!!! Ever tried to keep a pair on a baby? And what do they need them for; it's not like they're walking anywhere! Now a pair of little slip-on slippers that actually STAY on, those are worth their weight in hold!

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