Thursday, July 7, 2011

top 15 must-have *FREE* iphone apps for kids of all ages

we are having SO much fun finding all of the amazing apps that are available for parents and kiddos!

last week, we found gave you our list of the top free iphone apps for parents....and this week we are pleased to bring you our top 15 *free* apps for children of all ages. if we missed a favorite of yours please comment and let us know! we would love to know about more. :-)


discovery news-

a superb news source for your older child especially. if your little one is naturally curious and seeks out knowledge, then this is the app for them. there are SO many articles and videos with a primary focus on earth, space, technology, animals, archaeology, dinosaurs, history and human beings.


how stuff works-
this might put an end to all of the "why" questions! :-) you will have access to over 30,000 articles, podcasts and videos all in one place!


wooo! button-
so obnoxious, but my kiddos love it--it cracks them up! simple yet so addicting! wooo! button is a button that belts out an loud "wooo!" every time your little one presses it. lovely.


on this day
with this app your child can look up what events happened on any given day. is is a super cool calendar that lets your curious child (or you) view exciting historical events, birth and death dates.


talking tom-
tom is your child's pet cat, that responds to his/her touch and repeats everything they say with a funny voice. (my 3 year old seriously thinks he is having a conversation with the cat. hilarious.) when your child pets the cat, it purrs and they can even poor it a glass of milk. there is a violence feature that can be turned off in the settings that will dis-allow the pulling on the cats tail, which i did.


cut the rope-
a mysterious package has arrived, and the creature inside has only one request…CANDY! your kiddos goal is to help get the candy to om nom (the super cute monster). "combining outstanding physics, devilishly tricky levels, and bright colorful high definition visuals, cut the rope is one of the most original and fun-filled games on the app store.


first words: sampler-
what a fun, educational game! my toddler can't wait to play and he doesn't even realize how much he is learning! from letter names to the corresponding sounds.....and even how to spell words, i know that you will be happy to have downloaded this free app.


cupcake maker-
just as it sounds. you get to mix, bake and decorate your own cupcake. so fun for the toddler/future baker in your life. (there is also a doughnut maker, sundae maker and cake maker)


doodle buddy-
your child (from young to old) can paint, draw, scribble and sketch to their hearts content.


brain pop featured movie-
a daily animated movie/lesson on a topic ranging from science, math and social studies to english, art and technology. each movie is followed by a pop quiz so you can test your knowledge.


what is my job?-
with fun characters and sounds, your toddler will enjoy learning about all different kinds of jobs through this games interactive matching cards game and flash cards.


telling time--photo touch game-
telling time is one of the hardest concepts to teach a child in this digital era. this app is an educational game that helps teach your toddler time through sight, sound and touch.

make me a princess lite-
choose your own fairy princess and play dress-up! your little one gets to choose the princesses hair, dress, tiara and's a dream come true!


bubble pop-
it’s everyone’s favorite part of packing. Hundreds of little plastic bubbles just begging to be popped. pop as many bubbles as you can before time runs out and you will master this game. the bubbles you’ve already popped will spontaneously re-inflate, making this a fast-paced and fun (albeit simple & short-lived) game.....perfect for the little man or lady in your life....or yourself!


day-night black-white-
expose your child to opposites while building their thinking skills and thinking skills in terms of how words relate to one another.

what are your favorite free apps for kids? what did we miss?
stay tuned for the next two thursdays when we will bring you our top paid apps for both parents and kids.


  1. Thanks for the great list, although I'm not sure I'll ever get my phone back!

  2. my son loves talking tom, cut the rope, and the bubble game. thanks for the other app ideas...i'm going to download them now. :)

  3. All of these apps are amazing, if any of the kid will see this post then it is for sure that none of the apps are going to be left unused.

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