Thursday, June 2, 2011

father of the year nomination: boss hog + a little deception

father of the year nomination: 

back story: 
oldest son, sam: 3 years old, big fan of the dukes of hazard (who isn't really?), generally sweet, but recently....well, let's just say that he is a monster testing us. 

at dinner last night:  

daddy: "sam, you need to eat your dinner."

sam: "NO!" 

daddy: picking up the video baby monitor and putting it to his ear....he spoke into it like a telephone to an anonymous caller on the other end:  "boss hog, yeah, its me daddy., sam is not being a good boy.  yes, i know it is very sad.  he will not eat his dinner."  

daddy:  turning to face our son "sam, it is boss hog, do you want to talk to him?"

sam: "nope."

daddy:  "what's that boss hog?  i know.  no.  no, i hate to do that.  well isn't there something else you can do?  really?  ok, i will tell him. sam, boss hog said if you don't eat your dinner he and roscoe will have to come arrest you and take you to jail. you don't want to go to jail do you?"

sam: "NO! no, daddy! i don't want to go to jail, PLEASE."

daddy:  "do you want to try a bite of your dinner, sweet boy?"

sam:  "Yes, PLEASE daddy."

not daddy's proudest moment....but it DID work. 

do you have any more father of the year stories for us? we would LOVE to hear them.

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  1. With our oldest, it was Super Nanny that was going to come and set her straight. We still laugh about it and tell her, now almost 10, that Super Nanny is going to come and teach her how to clean her room but now she just rolls her eyes.