Wednesday, June 15, 2011

cheating on my boyfriend

i'm not normally a walmart shopper. it is not because i have anything against the store, i'm just pretty faithful to my boyfriend, target. i always feel like i'm cheating on him if i step foot into the endless aisles of his competitor. in addition to that, my boyfriend is a super target, complete with starbucks and a complete grocery store. really, why would i go anywhere else?

still, there are days when i do venture into giant walmart store with its rollbacks and discounted prices. there is something to be said for the place. truly, where else in the world can you buy live crickets, ammunition, spray paint, potting soil, tampons, cream cheese, fake flowers, and kitchen table all in one place while getting your nails done, having lunch and cashing a check? there's just nowhere like it. plus, there is the added bonus of the cardio workout i get walking from one end of the store to the other. it really is a win-win.

so, against my boyfriend, target's wishes, i occasionally enter through the doors, carefully sanitize my cart and congratulate myself on my savvy shopping. it was after one of my trips that i was introduced to "the people of walmart" pictures on the internet. if you haven't seen any yet, don't worry, you'll get your fill before the day is over. at first i couldn't believe that the pictures were real. then i started to keep my eyes open as i wandered through the vast aisles and began to realize that the photos told a true and grim story. not only that, to my horror, i was now one of the people of walmart.

don't get me wrong, i'm not like any of the people in the pictures but i do have to say that my own standards for personal appearance are much lower when entering the mega-store. i'm not going to show up in pajamas or my halloween costume but showering and applying make-up are sadly optional when shopping there. perhaps it's because, no matter how bad i look, i still look pretty darn good walking in that store. if nothing else, it's a huge self-esteem booster to walk proudly through the store. so, in the spirit of making everyone feel better about themselves, here are "the people of walmart." this group did an amazing job of putting the pictures to song and i find it all the more entertaining. if this doesn't make you feel amazingly hot and put together, i don't know what will.