Thursday, June 23, 2011

way to fight, mama

by now you know that i like to plant things. i like to watch things grow and i love to see the beauty in it all. so when i walked outside a few weeks ago to discover a mommy bird had started to build a nest in one of the planters on my front porch, i was both excited to see what was going to happen and worried that my plants would die somehow in the process. i know, call me calloused. i really like my plants.

sure enough, eventually three little eggs appeared in the nest. i felt fine watering around them and we lived in happy harmony with each other. i was cautiously optimistic, watching the baby eggs sit happily there while watching my plants flower and bloom.

then the other day, the sweet baby birds hatched. i have to say, i've never seen baby birds so small and i couldn't help but cheer for them as they reached their little heads up, thinking i was their mommy coming to feed them. they were precious.

as i stared at them, though, i noticed my flowers needed some water...badly. so, i went in to get a glass of water, thinking i could just water carefully around the nest, saving the plants and preserving the birds all at once. just as i was about to pour the water into the planter, out came the mommy bird making a bee line right for my head. i shrieked, jumped and the water went flying, covering me completely.

so, i've decided to let my beautiful, flowering annual "go to the light." i tell myself that i'm doing it for the better good but really, i just value my eyeballs more than my plants. it is definitely time to prioritize. i have to take my hat off to the mommy bird. way to tackle a giant for your babies. i guess we're more alike than i originally believed. here's to you, and your babies.

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