Thursday, October 8, 2015

most read posts of all time

the past 4+ years since starting the third boob have been a journey that we both feel truly thankful for. we are often asked what our top/most read posts have been. some of the posts that get the most traffic continue to surprise us (because we feared no one but our friends and family would want to read them or because we didn't put a lot of time into the initial post) and others make us so very happy that our hard work paid off.

whatever the reason, we are glad you are along with us for this journey and we give thanks for each of you and your support daily.

genelle and heather

the third boob: the story that started it all...

by far the most viewed and requested story to tell in-person as well. yes. there was an actual third boob. and it lactated. truth. if you haven't read genelle's story, you's why we are called "the third boob". 

diy-- photo canvas alarm panel cover

a super simple solution that lots and lots of people seem to love as much as we do. note: this is not to be sured to cover a thermostat, but works great for an alarm panel. 

this beautiful, personal post will pull at your heartstrings no matter if you are a mom or not...but in particular if you have a tween and are struggling. nominated and read aloud for the "we still blog" awards at the type a parent conference, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

diy stepping stones

a fun and creative way to create pathway stepping stones and lasting memories for years and years to come.

why i killed my ex-husband

divorce is brutal and there is not one way through it. this was the way that worked in heather's case. a raw and personal story that we are touched so many have read and shared.

simple solutions: easy baby proofing

ridiculously simple and works like a charm. easy and inexpensive to boot! 

getting ready for baby: diaper bag must-haves - newborns

having had a total of 7 kiddos between the two of us, we have lots and lots of suggestions on how-to stock your diaper bag for newborns and older babies (see below). getting ready to update these posts soon with some of our new favorite items, so stay tuned for the latest and greatest must-haves. 

getting ready for baby: diaper bag must haves for older babies

getting ready for baby: what to expect at the hospital post delivery

because no one tells you the truth. no one. and they really, really should. it's not pretty y'all. 

mmmmm, mondays: baked potato soup

a favorite of both of ours and the perfect comfort food on a cold day. it's sure to please everyone in your family and can be made gluten-free, too! 

have a baby shower coming up? this one is a crowd pleaser and will look like you had it professionally made!

have kids, will travel...the long plane ride

traveled with kids? the plane rides can be brutal. here is how genelle manages with her crew. great tips for even the most seasoned traveler!

diy: happy birthday balloon wreath tutorial

wreaths are always a welcome way to greet visitors at the door. hang this colorful balloon wreath up for the birthday month of each member of your family to celebrate and create a fun tradition. 

my 20th high school reunion: to go or not to go....that was the question.

reunions. the word itself is scary. should you go or not? here is heather's perspective on the whole ordeal. did you go to yours?

mmmmm...buttons and bowknots

just take a look at all that sugar. these are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and simple to make. beware: they with disappear almost as fast as you make them---they are that good. 

diy: tissue paper pom-poms

simple diy craft to decorate for any celebration. they are festive and can be made in any color and hung indoors or out. 

choo choo train themed birthday party

does your kiddo love thomas and all other things train? then this diy choo choo train party is for you!

diy-- wall storage baskets

small bathroom lacking storage? we have solved your problem with a simple solution! 

halloween is around the corner! spook your guests with this creepy wreath that if fun to make. 

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