Thursday, October 17, 2013

simple solutions: easy baby proofing

simple solutions: easy baby proofing

when i was pregnant with each of my kids, i couldn't live without my goody rubber bands. i not only used them to pull my hair back everyday, but they were used to hold my non-maternity pants together for months after they no longer fit. i might not have been very glamorous but i was functional...and during pregnancy, that's about as good as i get. they are perfect little bands of magic.

once i had my babies, a new problem arose. i had to somehow keep my sanity in my kitchen where my kids constantly wanted to pull things from the cabinets. i tried several options. 

all the options served their purpose but i hated opening the different contraptions to get to my cooking items. i hated it. really. hated it. i have pinched my fingers, broken plastic, smashed my hands, and shaken my fists at all the crazy things i have purchased. 

then one day i grabbed one of the rubber bands that i had lying around and wrapped it around those pesky cabinet knobs. it was so simple it was stupid. and it worked perfectly. it slips on and off in one second (literally) and it still manages to keep little hands away from places they shouldn't be. an added bonus? the hair bands also come in the colors of most cabinets so blend right in. so simple and so easy!

for knobs that are really close together, you may have to twist the band or wrap it around the knob a couple of times. it continues to work well.

we even use the bands to hold drawers of dvds closed. it keeps the drawers closed just enough that little hands can't get the dvds to throw all over the family room. 

the best part of this simple solution? you can baby proof your whole kitchen for less than $5.00. that's something i can get really excited about.

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