Tuesday, October 29, 2013

diy: carving forever pumpkins

halloween is just days away. just tonight my kids carved their real pumpkins up for our front porch. while i love the traditional pumpkin carving, i also love the idea of having fake pumpkins specially carved for use every fall. my parents are the experts in this category and have carved "forever pumpkins" for each of their grandkids. 

this year i have seen these popping up everywhere. several businesses are now charging quite a bit to make a custom pumpkin of your own. if you go purchase the fake pumpkins (most likely on sale at the end of halloween season), some inexpensive stencils and a carving knife, you can make these for yourself at a fraction of the cost. the steps are simple and the results are adorable. 

the steps for making a forever pumpkin: 

  1. purchase hollow, fake pumpkins, 3 inch stencils and a hot knife (pictured).
  2. stencil the letters or drawings on the pumpkins.
  3. use the narrow, sharp blade of the tool. carve out your letters being careful not to create a narrow space that will break off. (this means that you may have to adapt some of the letter shapes.)
  4. cut off the lid of the pumpkin. clean out the pieces inside. use a small battery operated votive candle to light the inside of the pumpkins. 
  5. enjoy!

this heated carving tool can be found at most craft stores.

needed tools

finished pumpkin

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