Wednesday, November 13, 2013

three things you need in order to be a successful parent...because crazy actually does happen. truth.

Tracking Pixelthis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of asurion. all opinions are all my own. 

when you become a parent there are some "must-haves" in order to be successful. in my opinion, the first of these is a giant semi truck load of patience. if you want to stay sane and navigate (at least semi-successfully) through all the new territory having a baby and subsequent years bring, patience is a must. the second "must-have" is a sense of humor. life tends to throw you curve balls when children come into the picture.....and the only way i have found to get through it is with a big smile on my face, while i shake my head remembering how life has changed in crazy, amazing, wonderful, insane, challenging, fabulous ways. the third, and most important "must-have" for me, is a cell phone protection plan. truth. i can't even begin to tell you how many phones i have lost to the causality of parenthood so far: one awesome razor flip phone met its match when my newborn literally slobbered on it to death. another phone must have fallen out of my diaper bag on one of my frequent trips to target and was never to be seen again. countless others found a watery grave in a toilet, ocean or swimming pool......and an almost equal amount stopped working after being dropped too many times (i haven't yet met a case that i can't destroy in some way). once, I even had my cell phone stolen off the top of my stroller when we were visiting the zoo. 

i have learned my lesson about backing up my phone to preserve the ridiculous amount of photos and videos taken of my littles, but having a protection plan on my phone has been my saving grace in instances where i haven't done so. truly. think about all that you would lose if your phone was gone or drowned right this minute.....okay, now stop panicking, start backing up your data and get a protection plan on your phone!

this afternoon, while soaking up a sunny san diego november day by the pool, carma reared it's ugly head and provided me with a current case study. while bending over to help my youngest who was sitting on the steps of the pool, my oldest casually asked why my phone was on the bottom of the pool. really? yep. my phone had somehow slipped out of the pocket of my shorts and had found it's eternal resting place at the bottom of my parents pool. good times. the bonus is that i have a well-used protection plan in place with asurion, which includes the coverage of water-logged phones. they even cover stolen and lost phones, like in the case of my target shopping fiasco and zoo awesome is that?! with the love of expensive smart phones out there, i know way too many friends that have had theirs stolen or lost. cell phone theft is on the rise and smart phones, in particular, are 35% more likely to be lost or stolen. let's face it; practically our entire lives are on our phones and they are often a life-line of sorts for mama everywhere, working full-time outside of the house or as a full-time stay-at-home mama. 

so, ladies....learn from my mistakes and plan for the phone disasters....they happen to the best of us. 

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this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of asurion. all opinions are my own.

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