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i moved away from my hometown in california when i was 18 and never went back. for my entire adult life, my family has lived a long way away...from a 12 hour car ride on opposite sides of california to a 9 hour plane ride when i was living in south america. i had adjusted over time to being far away from my family and while it was not ideal, it was my reality for a very long time...

until this summer. this summer my parents moved away from california and decided that south carolina was the place to settle. not only that, but they bought the house next door. you read that right. they live exactly 30 steps from my front door. we are pretty much "everybody loves raymond" in real life. to add to the excitement, my sister bought a house just down the street. yep, if my five kids didn't qualify me for a reality t.v. show, my family living within 1/8 of a mile certainly should. while all the togetherness has taken some getting used to, i'm quickly realizing there are some tremendous benefits to having so much family nearby. the free childcare alone is reason enough for me to shout "hallelujah" on a daily basis. can i get an "amen?"

our joined backyards...

another bonus of having my parents next door is the fact that their dog, mckenna, is now a part of our extended family. 



my sister works during the week so we get to add her dog, abby, to the mix and it's like an episode of sister wives, dog edition, each and every day. my kids adore those sweet dogs and my five year old has declared that mckenna is his best friend. if the two of them are ever missing, they will be found outside together. they adore each other and she has a special love for her new little boy. we even have joining back yards so the dogs and kids have two yards to play in instead of just one. like i said, we are a reality t.v. show in the making.

part of inducting the dogs into our family involved sharing our love for nutrish dog food with our little canine sisters. we have only used nutrish in our home for quite some time now so it only made sense to share our love with the rest of the family. we introduced the pups to rachael ray nutrish zero grain beef with bison dry dog food and it was love at first bite. the dogs went crazy and normally reserved mckenna went right on in head first to get as much as she could. we adjusted their meals over time and incorporated nutrish in a little at a time and now they are full fledged nutrish pups and are as happy as can be.

there are so many reasons we love rachael ray nutrish dog food that it's hard to know where to start. fist, nutrish zero grain beef with bison recipe is made with simple, natural ingredients like real u.s. farm-raised beef as the number one ingredient. it is combined with vegetables and there are never any grains, glutens or fillers. there is no poultry by-product meal and no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. it's made with the help of pet experts with simple, natural ingredients and inspired by rachael's kitchen. it is pet nutrition we can rely on. it's also the first premium brand of pet food that is only available in grocery stores and mass retailers like target, walmart and amazon. i can literally order it and have it on my front door in the morning. it's amazing. 

on top of that, we love that with each purchase we are helping rachael ray give back. all of rachael ray's personal proceeds from the sale of nutrish pet food go to rachael's rescue, a charity created to help shelter pets in need. to date they have donated over $9,000,000. This money goes toward food, medical supplies and treatment for those shelter animals. i've seen the good her donations can make first hand and i always feel good about contributing to a charity i believe in. 

and so, the sister-wife dogs are happy; the kids are happy; we are happy. we are finding our new normal as we all live in close proximity to one another and share all the everyday moments of our lives together. it's reminiscent of days gone by and i have to say, i'm loving the benefits that come with family nearby...sister-dogs included.

if you would like to try nutrish zero grain dog food for yourself, here is a $3.00 off coupon you can enjoy. 

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