Wednesday, April 4, 2012

moving from a crib to a bed: is it time for the big boy or girl bed?

i know that many people look for the "right time" to move their children from a crib to a bed. i personally never had that opportunity. with my first, he just started climbing out a little bit before his 2nd birthday and we had to quickly make the switch. it turns out that my youngest followed in his older brothers footsteps and started stealthy sneaking out of his crib, going to find his big (4 year old) brother and climb into bed with him. this would be cute if they actually slept...but what ensues next is only a keg short of a raging, up-all-night college party. no fun for mommy.

so, alas the time had come to say goodbye to the crib. we move our kids straight into a twin sized bed with one side against a wall and a bed rail on the other. we put a step stool at the end of the bed, mount a bookcase on the wall next to the bed and a gate at the door and call it a day.

i know of some people that buy a small toddler bed and if that works for you, that is wonderful. for us it was just extra money to spend for a limited use and we decided against it both times. i also know of some friends that have had great success with using a crib tent to keep their little ones safe and sound in their crib for as long as possible. i don't know much, but what i do know if that you have to do whatever is right for *your* family and *your* child. you will know what the best solution for your family is when all is said and done.

here is our youngest boys new "big boy bed":
supplies that we used:


pottery barn curious george sheet set (you will want 2 sheet sets, especially when potty training time comes). you will need sheets, a blanket, a pillow (we use two), and possibly a quilt or comforter of some kind. you may also want to have a pillow sham and bed skirt depending on the bed and your personal style. we are blessed to have an *amazing* homemade curious george quilt that my mom made (priceless).

waterproof mattress cover (get a couple)

i like this one from bed, bath and beyond. it is thick (not flimsy) and covers the mattress well. also, it doesn't make the crinkly, plastic sound that most other waterproof mattress covers do.

wall mounted bookcase

this is the perfect size for fitting on the wall next to the bed and it fits children's books perfectly. we have a "no toy" rule for the kids bedrooms, but they are welcome to read as much as they want to before they go to bed. this eliminates most arguments about going to bed and we rotate new books into the cases to keep them entertained as well as their old favorites.

twin mattress and box spring this is up to you. i was shocked at how expensive twin mattresses can be. we chose to get ours through costco.

metal bed frame

optional: headboard or bed frame. we used an old wooden headboard that was at my grandfathers house that i spray painted a dark navy blue and just attached it to a simple metal bed frame from costco.

bed rail
this is the bed rail that we happen to have leftover from when my first born used it. i am sure that there are also other fantastic bed rails. we chose this one because it is extra long and because it can be hidden underneath the bed when not in use (or to help make the bed).

hope that our journey has helped you as you get ready for yours. please comment below and share what has worked best for you when the time for the transition to the "big boy/girl bed" comes.


  1. OH, I love that wall mounted bookcase idea:)

  2. thanks! it seriously works wonders in our house and the boys stay content in their beds for MUCH longer. :-) anything that works!

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