Friday, April 6, 2012

friday fun finds: teaching easter's meaning

i love easter. i love the spring and all the celebration that easter brings. just like christmas, though, it has become increasingly difficult to teach my kids the meaning of easter in the midst of all the bunnies and eggs. here are some fun things we've found to help us share the meaning of easter with our kiddos.

my kids love these on easter sunday. they are an interactive, fun way to teach your kids the easter story and there are tons of options out there to find or make your own. each egg is filled with an item that will help the kids learn another part of the easter story. eleven items to fill up eggs and one empty egg at the end of the story. perfect visual messages for your little learners.

several stores sell pre-made options.

here are some cute ones you can make yourself:

easter is full of sweet treats. these ones are adorable and share the easter message.

empty tomb snacks from catholicicing

plant an easter garden early enough to have the grass sprout by easter sunday.

make resurrection rolls...such a great idea for kids!

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