Wednesday, April 18, 2012

diy: happy birthday balloon wreath tutorial

we used this balloon wreath on the front door to welcome guests at the boys birthday choo choo train party. it was simple to make and i know that it will be a fun, festive tradition to hang it on the door around celebrations for years and years to come.

supplies needed:
straw wreath (you pick the size in relation to your front door). remember that the bigger the wreath, the more balloons you will need. (note: do *not* take the plastic off the wreath or it will shed).

floral greening u shaped pins you can find them in the floral section of your favorite local craft store (i got these at michael's).
9" laytex balloons--i used around 12 packs of 25, but the amount that you use depends on the size of wreath that you use and how full you want the wreath to look.
take balloons and pin them into the straw wreath. i pinned them two at a time. simply put the balloons in the middle of the u shaped pin and stick tightly into the straw wreath. 

make sure balloons are close together to avoid any gaps.

line entire front, inside curve and outside rim of the wreath with balloons.

this only takes a few hours (yes, hours. i know....not *crazy* fast....but not so bad either). i made mine while watching my favorite shows at night after the kiddos had gone to bed (and there my or may not have been a few glasses of red wine involved). it was fun, is simple, beautiful and will be around for years and years of celebrations to come.
share with us photos of your finished creation--we would *love* to see it! are you on pinterest? follow us and we wold love to follow you back. (we are borderline obsessed with pinterest. is there a 12 step program for pinterest addiction?)