Monday, October 12, 2015

legos: where to find the best deals, how to store them and awesome tables to build on

with two boys that are lego obsessed, i have become a mama lego ninja at finding the best deals, great lego tables, storage solutions and even how to build your own lego table on a budget. today, i pass on my research to all of you. with the holidays around the corner, these make *awesome* gifts. enjoy! xo 

if your kiddos are anything like mine, the *love* legos. lego storage has been a constant battle. they end up everywhere and hurt so dang much to step on! 

this storage chest was the perfect solution for us. the drawers are removable and i simply labeled each drawer with color names and then have a discard bin to sort through and put legos back into the chest at the end of the day. it took quite a bit of time to get them all sorted, but i am so happy i spent the time to do it! 

here are some other solutions and awesome ideas i found while researching that i had to pass along:

build your own lego or duplo lego table easily and on a budget:

i have found that you can find some great deals on lego pieces, if you are willing to shop in bulk instead of the sets. check out these great, huge lego education sets i found for a fraction of the cost of normal sets that are not even this large:

 lego duplo:

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