Thursday, September 25, 2014

diy: easy lego table

my boys are both lego obsessed. i had searched my favorite home stores, but the cost of lego tables was out of my budget, so i decided to make my own. it is a super simple project and not only will the time spent making the tables be minimal, but so is the cost! i call that a win-win. 

once you have the materials gathered, the process is simple:

step 1:
assemble the ikea table(s)

step 2:
remove the wrapping from the lego squares and use lego bricks to attach the four (4) plates together. this will make the gluing process *much* easier.
step 3:
flip the large square base pieces over and apply glue.

step 4: 
flip over the glued pieces and press firmly into place. once dry, the table is ready for hours and hours of enjoyment. 

i made two! one for each little man. oh, happy day!

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