Wednesday, October 3, 2012

diy: spooky, creepy halloween bug wreath

this creepy, crawly bug wreath (inspired by one i saw that martha did) is my favorite decoration this halloween. it is simple to make, but a little time consuming (sort of like the balloon wreath). it completely freaks my kids out and i love that it is spooky and just the right amount of scary.


•18" grapevine wreath
•lots and lots of plastic snakes, spiders and bugs
•glue gun
•floral wire (optional)
•can of glossy, black spray paint
•ribbon of choice to hang your wreath with

this is my loot of spiders, snakes and bugs that i found at my local craft store and through oriental trading company.

i started with a simple and inexpensive 18" grapevine wreath that i purchased from my local crafts store

get your glue gun plugged in and have *lots* of glue handy. start gluing on all of your critters. (i found that it worked best for me to put the glue on the back of the critter and then place it on the wreath).

some larger items may not be easy to glue (like my large spiders) and you might have to use some thin floral wire to attach them. (don't worry about being able to see the wire because the paint will cover it nicely *or* a smartly placed bug fixed onto the spiders back).

just layer and continue to add more and more bugs until not much of the grapevine wreath shows.

here is a close up of about how closely i placed all of the critters.

once all glued and attached lay out newspaper outside and get to work spraying.
(i almost wanted to leave it as it looked so cool and colorful! wouldn't it be fun to leave it "as-is" for a insect birthday party?!)

here is the spray paint that i choose to use. it was a glossy black and it gave me just the look that i was going for. i think matte black might look great too. take your time with the spray paint. it took me 4-5 coats to cover. spray one coat and then let it dry 45 minutes or so in between.

loop through your ribbon of choice and hang.
the finished product looks *fantastic* don't you think?


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