Friday, October 26, 2012

friday fun finds: decisions, decisions....creating the best halloween costume.

It’s almost halloween and if you haven’t already found your costume, the stores are starting to appear picked over. whether you have decided to coordinate your entire family in matching themed outfits or are going for the slutty fairy tale look (please. i beg of you. i don’t care if you have a never-had-a-baby-body or not, don’t do it. fairy tale characters were not meant to be slutty. )

i have searched high and low (aka pinterest) for the most creative/cutest costumes that i could find. i personally love it when people think outside the box and get creative with their costume choices ….even though i'm not going that route this year. (my kids will be stuck with hand-me–down costumes. don’t judge. it’s only for one night, people. i am super impressed with those mommies that can do it all….i am just not one of them at the moment). 

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