Wednesday, April 22, 2015

someday part 5

there are so many moments of motherhood that are amazing. there are others that, let's be honest, will take some years to look back on and laugh. my youngest is potty training and his older brother forgot to put the toilet seat down when he was finished. yep, my youngest fell right in to a toilet full of pee. there are so many of those moments that i rarely stop to document it all. still, someday i will look back on these moments and laugh. someday i'll miss all of these little catastrophes. someday....



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someday part 5

1. someday i will be able to leave the room during coloring time.

2.  someday the food found underneath a car seat won't be able to feel some third world nations.

3.  someday the idea of my child getting his own snack won't be quite so terrifying. (yes, that's peanut butter. no, i didn't know he was into it until it was much too late.)

3.  someday a bowl of cereal won't involve straws, or whole counter clean up, or mopping the floors.

4) someday i won't go searching for items in the refrigerator only to find they have been taken outdoors, in the rain, in the middle of the afternoon, with no meals in sight.

5) someday a dinner with rice anywhere on the plate won't be quite so terrifying.

6) someday i won't feel the need to wrap my children in bubble wrap before family pictures. 

7.  someday, my iPod, my iPhone, my computer, all my electronic devices will be mine when i need them.

8) someday the sound of a chair being moved across the kitchen won't draw me running from other locations in the house. (the sound is currently right up there with the sound of projectile vomiting and breaking glass.)

9) someday i won't be quite so worried about what outfit my daughter has chosen for herself. (for the record, i didn't see her leave the house that morning and got to see her step out of the school bus in this outfit. you can see by the pose that she was very proud of her selection.)

10) someday i won't have to hide all candy and chocolate from creatures great and small in my house. i thought putting it out of reach would be some deterrent. clearly, i was mistaken. (again, the sound of the moving chair should have been my clue.)

*sigh* someday this will all be a distant memory and i will miss these moments, right? in the meantime, i'm trying to enjoy the crazy and dream of my someday.

what about you? if you have a picture to share or a "someday" of your own, we would love to share it. it makes the ride so much more enjoyable when we are able to do this parenting thing together and all dream together of our somedays.

xo - genelle

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