Friday, September 20, 2013

someday...the second installment

a few weeks ago, we started a new "someday" series. don't get us wrong...we love our lives, love our kids, love what we get to do each day. still, there are moments that if we do not document, one day we will mentally block from our memories. they will be the stuff of urban legends. our kids will never believe us. 

so, here they are...numbers 11-20. some are ours, and some are sent in by some brave friends. do you have a great "someday"? if you do, send us a picture and your favorite "someday" moments. you'll want proof that your "someday" ever happened.


11) someday, i won't have to say the words, "why are you holding your penis?

12) someday, i won't have homework at the start of each school year.

13) someday, i won't walk into the bathroom to find this...on top of the toilet. i'm assuming it was there because someone had to pee in the shower but didn't want to get out to do it. good thing there was a bucket nearby.

14) someday i won't have to boil my own bathwater so that i can shave my legs because my children used up all the hot water.

15) someday, i won't walk into my bedroom to find that strawberry lemonade has been spilled all over my white sheets. awesome.

16) someday, strange alien illnesses won't appear during naptime. what is up with that eye?

17) someday, my kitchen floor will stay clean for more than five minutes.

18) someday, i will be able to fold a load of laundry without worrying where he will go next.

19) someday my children will flush the toilet.
20) someday, my toddler won't find playing in unflushed toilets to be such a fun pastime. 


send us your "someday" pictures at we can't wait to share these moments with you.

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