Wednesday, August 7, 2013


there are many moments during the day when i have to take a deep breath and regain my sanity. it is in those moments that i speak a mantra over myself: "someday, things will be different." it's in those moments that i remember that these days are fleeting. this too shall pass. while all the moments aren't wonderful, someday i'll miss them. in the meantime, it's good to remember that someday, things will change.

so, we are starting a new tradition here at the third boob. we are going to start collecting a list of all our "somedays." we'd love to share some of yours as well. if you have a "someday" you'd like to share, please email it to us as it's good to know we are not alone in this process. perhaps more important than that, it's good to laugh at it all and remember that someday, life as we now know it will be a memory. 

on that happy note, here is our first list of 10 somedays. (these are all true stories, by the way. between chach and i, the material for this new series is endless...)


1) someday i will be able to use the bathroom without little people sticking their fingers under the door, or pounding on the door, or asking me if i need help wiping.

2) someday i will be able to wear a skirt in public without one of my sons lifting it and giving all the passers by a free peep show.

3) someday i'll be able to take a shower without one of the boys asking "why do you have fur down there?" seriously...fur.

4) someday i will be able to eat an entire meal without getting up from the table.

5) someday i'll eat a hot meal.

6) someday i'll be able to make it through a meal without someone announcing, "i tooted," followed by a fit of tablewide giggles.

7) someday i won't have to dodge and deflect questions about tampons. 

8) someday tampons won't be used as missiles or torpedoes to shoot across the bathroom.

9) someday i won't have to remind my boys to "aim for the water." 

10) someday, my boys won't inform me that they have peed on the wall on accident... but that it's okay because i can clean it up.


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