Monday, August 5, 2013

diy: making your own jam/jelly - the process

when i first tried to figure out how to make jams and jellies, i was a bit overwhelmed. i couldn't find pictures or determine the exact details of the whole process. through trial and error, i eventually created something pretty delicious. (amazing, right?) if you have never tried to makes jams or jellies, here is how it is done. these are the easiest recipes to get started. you can do this. it is definitely a lost art that is making a come back. give it a try!

note: for all the information about what supplies you will need to get started, please read here: making your own jams and jellies - the prep.

grape jelly

4 cups grape juice (i buy a large bottle of organic grape juice. you can juice your own grapes but that just seems like a waste of time to me. feel free to do it either way. i just chose the easy way.)

7 cups sugar ( read that right.)

6 tablespoons powdered classic pectin

pomegranate jelly

3 1/2 cups pomegranate juice (again, you can read my feelings about making my own juice in the recipe above.)

5 cups of sugar

6 tablespoons powdered classic pectin

*note: each recipe will fill about 12 jelly jars.


1) remove the lids and rings from the glass jars. place the jars into a sink full of very hot water. (water from the tap is fine. just let it get piping hot before you fill the sink.)

2) fill a huge pot (i use a large canning pot) with water. cover it and put it on the stove. turn the heat on high and let it begin heating to a boil.

3) measure out the juice and the pectin. put it into a different large pot and heat on high heat until it boils. make sure the pot is large enough to hold all the sugar and to grow a little bit. (when the mixture boils, it bubbles and grows a bit so be careful to leave enough room in the pot so it won't boil over.)

4) add the sugar and stir until it is dissolved. this can take a little time. i had to smash some of the sugar up against the side of the pot. 

5) bring the sugar, juice, pectin mixture to a rolling boil, stirring the whole time. keep the mixture at a rolling boil for 60 seconds. (notice how much the mixture rises in the pot.) remove from heat.

6) there will be a film of foam at the top of the jelly when you remove it from the stove. use a large spoon to skim the foam off of the top of the jelly and throw it away.

7) remove one jar at a time from the sink. using a large mouth funnel, fill each jar.

8) fill each jar to the top.

9) leave 1/4 inch of room at the top of each jar. seal the jars with lids and bands.

10) place each jar in the hot water bath. 

11) lower the jars into the hot water bath. make sure the boiling water covers the jars at least 1 inch. boil for 10 minutes.

12) carefully remove the hot jars from the boiling water using a large pair of canning tongs. allow to cool. once cool, test the top of each jar to make sure they are completely sealed. if they pop back up, they are not sealed and will need to be put back into the hot water bath or placed in the refrigerator and used. all other jars of jelly can be stored at room temperature.


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