Thursday, October 30, 2014

someday part 4

someday. someday i'll go to the bathroom alone and eat a hot meal.  someday i'll miss all of this. for now, i just dream of someday. 

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someday, part 4

1) someday, i will be able to leave a ladder in a room without the obvious bad repercussions. how did this even happen?

2) someday i will be able to sit on a toilet seat without checking it first. gross. just. gross.

3) someday school projects will be a thing of the past. especially school projects involving 200 rubber bands. yes, especially those.

4) someday my misfit sleep tracker won't read like this. it's just sad.

5) someday my camera roll will be full of pictures i actually took... and not these.

6. someday i will wash a load of laundry without this. so. many. little. socks.

7. sometimes a sippy cup full of milk will not bring this type of temptation to a two year old. apparently it is just too much fun to watch the milk pool on the furniture.

8. someday i will be able to take a bath without company, or squirting bath toys. 

9. someday i will not be so sleep deprived that i forget to put a mug underneath my keurig.

10. someday i won't walk into a room to find another art project...on the wall. 

someday...a girl can dream, can't she? what about you? do you have any pictures of your "someday?"

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