Wednesday, April 29, 2015

dear heather and genelle: part 1

from time to time over the past four years, we get emails or facebook messages with questions about us....who we are....what makes us tick.....and the most popular...."why are you called the third boob?!?" 

we are going to start a monthly q & a series answering all of your questions, so if you have one you would like to ask, feel free to email us, tweet, facebook message, leave a comment at the end of a post or send smoke signals. we will get to your question, we pinkie swear. 

1. why is your blog named "the third boob"?! 

the most popular question by far! it's an amazing, crazy, thank-the-lord-it-didn't-happen-to-me story that is all genelle's to tell. it's a good one and you can read the story in its entirety right here

2. what is your biggest pet peeve?

heather: people that back into parking spaces and dirty ears. truth. i once broke up with a guy because i couldn't get over his dirty ears.

genelle: whining...usually from my own children

3. what is your least favorite word?

heather: moist or cul-de-sac 

genelle: slacks or pantyhose

4. what is your favorite piece of decoration or artwork in your house?

heather: i can't decide, so i am going to show you two of my faves. i love words. they speak to me. both pieces were from etsy (how did i ever live without etsy?!). the first, speaks to me and where we are in our lives right now. i went through a divorce and now the boys and i are finally coming out the other side and are settled into the cutest little cottage. it makes me happy and this artwork speaks to why. the second is just a life philosophy that i hope my boys will learn. it guides me in much of what i do.

genelle: i love this piece that i purchased in bariloche, argentina. it's decoupage (like you did in elementary school) with hundreds of tiny shreds of paper all put together into flowers and stems. i love it and it brings back memories of an amazing trip.

5. where did you grow up?

heather: fabulous, sunny san diego. i'm one of the rare natives. love it here. still live here.....and will probably never leave. 

genelle: beautiful santa rosa, california. for a frame of reference, it is north of san francisco and very near the sonoma and napa valley wine country.

6.  what would you sing at karaoke night?

heather: if i could do something with a friend or two, i am in. otherwise....i am not a fan of being center of attention. i'm not sure what happened, because a lifetime ago i was a theater kid and couldn't get enough of musicals.....but now, i am more comfortable in the background. genelle, myself and some of our college friends went on a cruise and sang "i'm alright" by jo dee messina. that was a karaoke song i would gladly do again. 

genelle: i may or may not have won a cruise ship karaoke competition with "when you say nothing at all" by allison krauss (which i danced to with my hubby at our wedding reception)

7. what is one fashion statement you hope will never come back again?

heather: overalls. for a brief period of time in college genelle and i lived with a house full of girls. it was a fabulous time of life....but what were we thinking with the matching overalls?! oh, and bleached out skunk-stripes in my hair. that was not good.....nor was the short's just all pretty much a bad fashion statement. 

genelle: 80's permed hair with big bangs. don't get me wrong, i rocked it back then. i just don't think i could pull it off now. heather did, too. 

8. where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

heather: the better questions would be where *don't* i want to travel to?! :-) there truly isn't a corner of this big, amazing world i wouldn't want to see...but right now, thailand is up on my list and costa rica....and paris......and.....

genelle: i'm a travel junky so it changes all the time. this week it's eastern europe and scandanavia. next week...who knows? 

9. how did the two of you meet?

genelle: we met one day and hit it off laughing in the back of the class. some of my other friends and i were looking for a roommate so, the day after we met, i asked heather if she wanted to move into a house with us. i like to think that i am a good judge of character.

heather:  i was transferring collages and so i started a summer school class so i would know my way around campus once fall started. i sat next to genelle the first day and we hit is off instantly (i am quite certain one of us said something inappropriate that the other one laughed at), she asked me to move in with her and 3 other girls i also didn't know....and i, like a crazy person, said "yes!"  i am so glad i did. those girls are like my family and genelle and if we hadn't met that summer, we would have never started the blog. 

10. how do you run a blog living on two coasts?

heather: we talk. a *lot*. we have known each other for 20 years and can easily communicate in a short amount of time. we are a team and put our friendship and sanity above the blog at all costs. 

genelle: we just make it work. it helps that we talk on the phone all the time. i lived in south america for five years and my husband knew that the only people who would call me from the united states were my parents and heather. she called me everyday when i lived in a foreign country. across the united states is no big deal!

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