Thursday, May 24, 2012

the bachelorette and me

i have to admit...i watch the bachelorette. it is my monday night guilty pleasure. i like to believe that emily and i could be friends. she has a six year old daughter. i have a six year old daughter. she lives in charlotte. i live in charlotte. she wants a bunch of kids. i have a bunch of kids. i'm pretty convinced that i'll run into her at the grocery store and we'll hit it off. it could happen, right?

emily's stock went up 100% in my book on this last episode. it had nothing to do with the guys she was dating and everything to do with a two minute clip they showed of her with her girlfriends. when she mentioned that she was going to meet some of her friends, i have to admit i was imagining a table full of beautiful, super-model type women sitting around a trendy restaurant in uptown charlotte. instead, she met some other moms at a park. the moms were all beautiful in their own right but they had all given up their "never-had-a-baby-bodies", they wore regular clothes, sat around a picnic bench and watched the kids play. it was a picture of me and my friends and for the first time ever, a bachelorette became a normal person.

i have to say that i wonder about people whose only friends are as gorgeous as they are. it always makes me wonder if their friendship goes beyond skin deep. when you see someone who is absolutely stunning, on "reality" television with her pick of 25 men, you wonder what they are like in reality. how nice to see someone in the spotlight with women who looked normal, happy, and supportive. show me a friend with a "never-had-a-baby-body" or not, showered or not, wealthy or not, who will sit with me and my kids, support me, be happy for me, and occasionally offer to take my kids to soccer practice and i will show you one fantastic friend.

well done, emily. i don't care which guy you choose in the end. in my book, you have chosen wisely.

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