Wednesday, May 9, 2012

diy painted flower pots

our friday fun finds about brightening your front porch inspired me. i love spring colors and the blooming flowers that can liven up my day. so, i decided to paint my own pots for the front porch. this is a super easy project you can do with the kiddos. so paint, plant and enjoy!

what you'll need:

  • terra cotta pots in various sizes: i found these at hobby lobby, home depot, lowes, etc. just find the place where they are the cheapest. i found them priced from about a dollar to five dollars depending on the size.
  • paint brushes
  • stencils: i'm not good at free hand painting so these are helpful for me.
  • painter's tape
  • outdoor acrylic paint: these can be found for about a dollar at a craft store. look for the ones designed for the outside and that are water based for easy clean-up. please note: acrylic paint will not come out of clothes. if you get any on your clothing or your kids' clothing, wash it out immediately before it has a chance to dry.
  • spray adhesive
  • a stencil brush or sponge

1.  start by coating your pots in a solid paint color. i painted the insides as 
     well to make it a completely covered surface. this will help protect your 
     paint as well. terra cotta pots naturally absorb water so sealing the inside 
     will help keep your paint from bubbling or peeling. this may take a few 
     coats of paint.

2.  after the paint has dried completely, use painter's tape to mark off   
      areas you want to add a contrasting color. paint on the contrasting 
     colors and wait for it to dry completely before removing the tape.

3.  attach the stencils with the spray adhesive. 

4.  stencil in a contrasting color. again, this may take a few coats to make it 
    visible over darker colors. remove the stencils and replace, painting again 
    until your pot is covered in design. 

5.   wait for the pot to dry. this can take some time to make sure it has dried    

6.  finally, seal the pot with a clear indoor/outdoor sealer. i like the ones  
     that come in a spray form like krylon sealers. wait for this to dry    
     completely before adding plants.

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