Thursday, May 3, 2012

when the hubby is away, the wife will...well, you get the picture

i found out on wednesday night at 10:30 that my husband was leaving the next morning for three days. yep, he'd mentioned that he "might" be heading out of town but nothing was official until that night. yep...super happy about the advanced notice...but we'll save that for another post.

as i tried to wrap my head around the fact that i'd be alone with five children for three days (at least it's a short trip, right?), i decided to try to find a list of the best things about being on my own for a short time. might as well try to find the positive in it all and relish the out-of-the-ordinary good, right.

maybe it's my late night feedings that have inspired my "letterman" top ten lists lately but, here you go:

the top ten things about the hubby being away

1. the remote is all mine. really? is there anything better? i can watch whatever i want. want to end the night with something on the food network? no one will be the wiser. not really interested in another crime drama to end my evening? no one will complain. wanting to see how "the real housewives" are fairing? no complaints.

2. really, who is going to say something if i wear sweats all day? if i don't have anywhere to be and no one is going to see me, do i really need to get out of sweats? i don't think so.

3. i only need to shave what is visible. i'm pretty sure you get the picture. any less shaving is a plus in my book.

4. i can leave my craft projects on the counter for three days and no one cares. why clean up a project in the works? it will be sitting there waiting for me in the morning.

5. the whole bed is mine. i can't remember the last time i've had the luxury of stretching out across a bed. no one snored last night. no one took my covers. it is pretty great on occasion.

6. if i feed the kids hot dogs, cereal and sandwiches for three days, no one is the wiser. my kids might start to complain but they will survive...and no one else is around to care. i'll take that.

7. it's pretty much a given that i'll be hitting starbucks...and not limiting my visits to once a day. normally my husband thinks my starbucks addiction is a bit much. when he's away, he will load up my starbucks card to help me get through the days without him.'s the little things.

8. eating out once or twice is considered mandatory. my husband pretty much counts on part of his per diem going to feed the whole family. one less meal to cook, clean up after, get the kids to eat = fantastic.

9. i can be crazy productive. when there is even just one less person to talk with, spend time with, revolve around, it's amazing what i can get done. i've cleaned out closets, done more spring planting, crafted up some gifts for teacher appreciation week, all while keeping five kids happy, fed and clothed. i think that's pretty amazing.

10. when he comes home, i'll be guaranteed some time to myself. magically, when the husband does return home, he will feel it's his job to give me a break. really, i haven't done any more work than i normally do. still, he'll feel bad and i'll get to sleep in, go some where by myself, get another starbucks. i think i'd like to sign up for this more often.

how about you? what's the best part your partner being away? i know, it's great to have them back, can't live without them, so happy they are there, blah, blah, blah. i'm happy too. still, there's something to be said about alone time, don't you think?


  1. Sometimes my hubby falls asleep down stairs watching a movie and will stay down there for the night...I usually don't like it, but sometimes I secretly enjoy stretching out in bed :0

    1. That little extra space is pretty nice on occasion...right?

  2. My hubby and his brother are going out of town for a weekend coming up. While having a high-maintenance 5-year-old and a regular 2-year-old by myself might not turn out as exciting as I'd hope, I'm still pretty pumped. I'm totally staying up too late sewing every night.

    1. I stayed up way too late too. I got so much stuff done. I hope in spite of the craziness that you enjoy it.