Thursday, May 17, 2012

what's in a name....

during two fun-filled years in college, i was lucky enough to live with a group of girls in a big, beautiful, fabulous house (the likes of which none of us would be able to afford to rent, let alone buy, today). we were fortunate enough to pay insanely low rent in exchange for keeping the house nice for the owners until they decided to sell it. we were called "the willow street girls" and we *loved* to come up with names for people. nicknames were our speciality. instead of the classic, normal names we were given by our parents, we called one another by our nicknames: kizzy, furnt, boris, chach and nellie. (yep. truth.)

when nellie and i first talked about the idea of starting this blog there were two rules that our hubbies insisted on: 1. we will not show photos of our kids faces to protect them from potential scary people out there and 2. we wanted to use nicknames.

naturally, we quickly settled on our regularly used nicknames for each other (chach and nellie) and didn't think twice. heck, i wasn't sure that anyone but *maybe* our own families or close friends would even be interested in what we had to say.......we never dreamed that we would be going to conferences, meeting anyone in person or having anyone recognize us. 

nellie has it easy. let's face it: nellie is a normal name. even someone on the wholesome "little house on the prairie" series was named nellie. there is nothing too odd or strange in that name......but chach?! what was i thinking? it takes a lot of confidence for me to walk up to people and introduce myself as "chach". i'll admit that part of it is because it is a fairly masculine name.  a few weeks ago, i learned that "chach" is another word for vagina. yep. hoo-ha, beaver, toppy...whatever you want to call it. chach is a term that some people use for a va-jay-jay!! seriously?! now, not only do i have to be confident being chach, the manly woman.....but i am basically saying, "hi. my name is vagina. nice to meet you." yep. try that one on for size. anyone want to trade places?!


  1. You guys are thoroughly enjoyable to read. I'm so glad I found your blog - no matter what your names are! :)

  2. You girls with your third boob and va jay jay talk. Too funny! Love it. Hahahahaha