Thursday, August 4, 2011


i've discovered a disturbing trend with myself and other moms of little kids. while my own children will take baths daily or at the most every other day, it's nothing for me to go two or even three days without a shower. when did hygiene for mommies become a luxury?

a college friend of mine just posted the highlights of her birthday. she is the mother of infant twins and two toddlers so i get that her priorities are going to be different than the normal population. still, among her best moments for the day she noted that she got to shower and eat breakfast. sadly, i read that and though, "wow! that does sound like a good day."

i literally do sit in the shower on those days i am able and think, "this really does feel amazing." so why is it so hard to get myself in there? somewhere in the throws of getting four kids dressed in the mornings, there just doesn't seem to be enough time. when asked if i want to give up a half an hour of sleep to get in one of the showers, my answer will always be, "no." when i finally do get to rest, there is very little that will motivate me to give up precious moments of sleep.

maybe we just do so much cleaning during the day we literally can't handle washing one more thing. maybe there just aren't enough hours in the day. maybe the thought of spending that much time to make ourselves presentable just seems a waste of our own precious free time. who knows?

so i am left a little hygiene deficient. i'm guessing it all balances out with the amount of time i spent in the shower and bathroom while i was in my teens. i'm sure at some point my children will be able to get their own morning breakfast and get themselves ready for the day. at that point, i'm sure i'll jump back into the old showering routine. until then, body spray anyone?


  1. I love the last line because it goes back to something I just said to my SIL. There are day when I am getting ready to go grocery shopping that I stop to wonder when my last shower was... if I can't remember right away I dig the body spray out! LOL

  2. LOL...I end up "sponge bathing" some mornings with a washcloth afap (as fast as possible) is ridiculous isn't it??