Wednesday, August 8, 2012

simple solutions: getting out baby poopies

you cannot have a newborn or an infant without a few diaper explosions. with five kids, i've had my fair share. my record was when i had to clean out behind my son's ear and inside his shoe...from the same dirty diaper. it happens. what can i say?
i've tried several things to get that distinctive baby poopie out of clothing. somethings have definitely worked better than others. with my last two babies, i have finally found the perfect soap. there is nothing like it. something about the dish soap's grease fighting power cuts through all the yellow slime and brings back the shiny white colors like magic. i still run the clothes through the washer after i use the dish soap. i haven't had one stain that hasn't disappeared.

here's my current favorite dish soap. besides being all natural, it smells fantastic!
any other simple solutions to everyday problems?

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