Tuesday, August 21, 2012

teacher introductions

tomorrow school starts for my three oldest kids. for my daughter's class, we were asked to send in a letter describing our child. i wrote a lengthy missive detailing my daughter's life. i closed it with the following paragraph. i figure any information on my daughter's faults will be helpful.

She has four brothers. We are trying to help her understand what is appropriate and inappropriate outside the world of boys. The 23 year old youth pastor at our church was teasing her and telling her she was such a little princess (knowing full well it would rile her up). She told him she knew kung fu and she could kick him in the nuts. Not one of our prouder moments as parents. Still, she is learning. She also used the word "balls" when changing the baby's diaper. Again...work in progress. Hopefully she'll come out on the other side unscathed. Please let us know if she is ever on the wrong side of appropriate. We are definitely working on it.

too much for a new teacher? i guess it's too late now. i'm pretty sure my daughter will seek therapy at some point...if not for having four brothers, for having a mother who shares that type of information. at least i thanked the teacher before i signed my name to the bottom of the page. that must count for something.

happy start of school, everyone. 


  1. This will be her teacher's favorite year ever. I see some memories in the making in her future.

    1. let's hope they are good memories and not bad ones, right? i'll keep my fingers crossed!

  2. If I had gotten a letter like this when I was teaching I would have known right off the bat that I loved this mother (as I do) and that she is awesome! It is so candid and vulnerable--who wouldn't love that?! Your daughter sounds like a feisty little firecracker. I'd want her in my class just to see her in action. I hope you have a great year!

  3. thanks, jodi. oh how i wish my kids had you for a teacher...talk about winning the lottery! are you sure you don't want to transfer to the charlotte public library so i can see the coolest librarian in action?

  4. I love this mother!!! And I love this child!!! This was my favorite letter, too!