Friday, August 3, 2012

friday fun finds: two must-have essentials for the beach or park

living in sunny san diego means that you get *a lot* of visitors in the summer and you make many a trips to the beach. :-) there are two items that i truly don't think that i could survive without and i just have to share with all of you.....

this waterproof outdoor blanket is *amazing*. it folds up and is easy to carry. it is big enough for the family to sit on for a picnic and when it gets spilled on or sandy you simply throw it into the wash. i have had mine for over 4 years and it is still in excellent condition despite years of abuse use. :-)

not only do i use this hook to hold my purse onto the stroller or shopping cart on a regular basis, but it is *fantastic* to hold the buckets full of beach toys! love. love. love this product!

what are *your* favorite products for the beach?


  1. That's a great beach blanket- I have something similar, but it's not that nice! I can't go to the beach (or pool) without a large "Thirty-One" tote.

    1. i love my large thirty-one tote too! may need to add that to the list!