Thursday, September 1, 2011

have shoes, will travel

yesterday morning after getting my oldest two kids out the door at the crazy early hour of 7:15 to start their school day, i brought my one year old back into bed with me and we watched the morning news together. due to his little summer cold, he remarkably sat still with me for about 20 minutes of chill time before deciding he'd had enough of the cuddles.

at this point, i said to him, "want to get dressed and go bye-bye?" of course, our big outing for the day was yet another trip to my second home, target, to pick up some more cold medicine. still, any time away from the house is exciting for him and target gives away free cookies in their bakery really is a win-win.

so, he excitedly gave me a nod (he's the fourth born...talking isn't a priority with him) and headed into my closet to get this process started. apparently he has already realized that i'm the weakest link when it comes to the getting ready process. he came back with shoes...only shoes. at first i was pretty impressed as it was a matching pair. then i had to laugh. seriously, son? how often do i wear four inch animal print heels?

i'll admit, during the summer, i'm in flip flops. the floor of my closet is normally strewn with various shades and types of virtually the same shoe. flips in every possible color. i think i've forgotten how to balance in anything with over an inch of a heel. so how my son found that one pair of sassy heels among dozens of flip-flops, i'll never know. either way, it appears i have a son with expensive taste and a preference for women in heels. i'm pretty sure that could be a dangerous combination.

regardless, i gave him a hug, said thank you, and switched the heels out for some turquoise flip flops. sorry to disappoint you, son, but those shoes are reserved for the rare moments when i find someone else to change your diapers, wipe your nose, and clean up all the food you magically throw on the floor during each meal. sassy heels are sacred. i'll save them for another day. better luck to you in about 20 something years from now.

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  1. awe that is so cute. Thanks for the twitter follow. I love your blog name! Following you now.