Thursday, September 15, 2011

to wii or not to wii: part 2

last week i shared my love for the wii and everything you'll need to get started with a wii obsession in your family. if you missed that post, you can find it here: to wii or not to wii.

this week, i'd love to share some of my favorite child friendly games. i'm really careful about which games my kids play. i don't want to see any blood, anyone dying, any unnecessary violence. i'd rather just have my kids have a great time. so, here's what i've found, fun for kids of all ages.

just dance kids: this is a fabulous game with great kids songs for all ages and dance moves that your kids will mimick with their wii remotes for points. so much fun and a blast to watch.

wii play: most wii gaming consoles come with this one. if yours didn't, get this for yourself. it has cow racing, skeet shooting, and others.

wii sports: this has your basics for sports: baseball, golf, boxing, and tennis.

toy story mania: if you like the ride at disneyland or disneyworld, you'll love this. it's full of carnival type cames hosted by your favorite toy story characters.

carnival games: along the same line as toy story mania but a wider variety of carnival fun.

family game night 3: this one may be a little better for older kids but we love playing this together as a family. with classics like "life", "clue", and "mousetrap", it's fun for everyone. the first two family game nights are fun as well.

wii game party: this one is great with darts, air hockey, shuffleboard and my favorite, ski ball.

i know there are countless games out there? which ones do you recommend?

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