Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what have you done?

yesterday was a long day. it included a three hour meeting, kids who refused to nap, exhausting details. at about 4:30 in the afternoon, i had reached my limit. i went in search of some therapy to aid me through the rest of my day. my secret chocolate stash is hidden in the pantry. it is somewhere between a boxed brownie mix and some unopened cake frosting. i usually can get by with one small square of chocolaty goodness, leaving the rest for another desperate day.

everything fell apart yesterday, however, when i went to find my stash, it was gone...all gone. the only person who knew of my stash was my husband. i'm sure you can imagine how well that phone call went. he swore that he only ate a couple...a couple of the whole bars of chocolate. he was certain that there was more in the pantry. only, there wasn't any more chocolate. "why would you do that? what do you need chocolate for?" the questions continued. it all boiled down to, "what have you done?"

i ended up digging through the pantry like a crack addict until i found an unopened bag of chocolate chips. it wasn't as good as my normal chocolate but it did suffice in a pinch. still, my husband showed up at home that evening with a new stash of chocolate. he's a smart man. it's now back in the hiding place. maybe i should find a new spot to hide my treasure. it looks like the children aren't the only ones i need to keep it from.


  1. A friend of my Mom's kept her stash in a Tampon box. Safe from her husband and 2 teenage sons. It was a Costco sized box so it contained Diet Coke as well as chocolate.

  2. i love those ideas. a friend of mine told me last night that she keeps hers in the freezer underneath the broccoli. so smart ladies!