Friday, September 23, 2011

friday fun finds: erin condren

i am pretty much obsessed with erin condren.

with the holidays just around the corner (yikes! already?!) you will want to check out her fabulous assortment of cards. your friends and family will surely be envious of you when they find one of these in their mailbox.

her designs are simple and graphic and although i have been trying to switch over to a digital calendar i still *LOVE* having a paper version to be able to cross things off on and see what i have accomplished.

if you haven't seen her planner and family wall calendar, they are a must! my favorite thing is that they start the year on the month you order it (no more waiting until December for a new calendar) AND you get the ENTIRE year! they also include all sorts of bonuses like stickers, gift tags, etc.. the jumbo calendar is my favorite product. it is personalized and it really keeps my family in sync to have everything written in one central place for the schedule. you can tell that the designer most be a mom because she has plenty of space for including all of the soccer, tap dancing, drama and karate classes. there just might be enough space left to schedule yourself some time at the spa too!

so what are you waiting for? go on.....check them out. you will thank me. i pinkie promise.

note: erin condren did not pay me to write this post nor give us free product.....they don't even know we wrote it. we are just big fans and wanted to share the love. enjoy!

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