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test rocker...and parenting a soon to be senior is hard work!

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hi thirdboob fans! you should be very jealous. because a few years back I met the thirdboob team in person! i know right?? then one magical day after moving my family coast to coast, landing near charlotte, NC… i realized miss nellie here lives almost in my backyard. as in, i routinely jog past her house and throw dirt clods! go ahead. be jealous. 

sigh… spring break is over. 
4 weeks of school until summer vacation officially begins! 
oh wait… that means i’m one year closer to owning a SENIOR. IN HIGH SCHOOL PEOPLE.
one year closer to sending her away to college.
one year closer to… 

deep breaths. it will be o-kay. she’s a smart cookie. she is independent and kinda feisty (just like i like her). she has a plan right?

ummm yeah… not that she’s shared with me! 

i wish i could say my kiddo knows exactly what she wants to do with her life. that she has a dream college all picked out and has a 12 step plan in place for getting accepted and scholarshipped through it. 
but she doesn’t. 

and she seems completely calm about it.
i’m over here freaking out, but she’s calm??

here’s my sneaky mom plan: 
i’ve researched and figured out when and where the college prep tests are held. i know how much they cost to take—a lot by the way. i’ve encouraged her to STUDY, despite her crazy busy high school life.  i located an online prep course called because the in-person courses are more cash than we can afford and she doesn’t have time to spend whole saturdays in a course like that. 

i’ve scheduled a mother-daughter college road trip, to tour a few local colleges. how fun is that?!  (no, don’t ask her.) and we are meeting with the school guidance counselor to discuss her strengths and hopefully encourage her to come up with a plan… any plan… soon. 

i also know a few of her dreams. moms are tricky that way. for example i know she wants to be in and around theater for a few more years. and she dearly misses her oregon pals (since we recently moved). there’s a college near our old stomping grounds where she would have both old pals and a terrific theater program. she also imagines a world where she spends time in New York City.  she was born in Brooklyn and can’t get enough of all things gritty and New York-y. hell-o, there are schools in New York?
but still, she has to come to these decisions on her own.
and dang if that isn’t the hardest part of this parenting gig?
letting her make her own decisions. 

since working directly with the team i’ve become a genuine fan of their product. 
i’m happy to share information about with the thirdboob family.
if you have any questions about using the online test prep resource please ask! did you know they should take the tests at least twice? 

if you have questions about parenting a soon-to-be-senior, well, good luck. it ain’t easy! 
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Disclosure: Carissa Rogers—author of and her daughter are testing out the Test Prep platform (say that 10x fast!) at no cost to them. Her opinions and stresses about helping her daughter get into college are all her own. 

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