Wednesday, May 21, 2014

is it time to throw in the towel?


it's crazy. 

there are twists and turns along the road......and most of it is not predictable. i hate that part. 

people get cancer. people. get. cancer. i mean, how jacked up is that? marriages end, fires sweep through cities destroying homes. destroying lives. 

those are some of the big things that make us stop in our tracks, that make us stop to catch our breath.....but the little stuff can throw us off course getting sick, a water pipe bursting in the house (when fixing it wasn't part of the budget), car repairs, sports uniforms that cost more than you want to spend (but you love how much it makes your child shine with happiness doing something they love). 

life is just plain stressful. sometimes, it feels as if you have hit your limit. we all go through that, right? 

what i know is this: allow yourself to take the time you need to process. take a deep breath. or twelve. so, maybe i don't get to writing that article i was going to post weeks ago. so, maybe i have to buy my child's birthday cupcakes at the grocery store instead of making the awesome ones i saw on pinterest. 

it's okay. focus. prioritize. breathe.....and take one day at a time. it will all be waiting for you when you are ready. 

life is somehow predictable that way, at least.

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