Monday, May 5, 2014

10 things every traveler needs

hotel rooms suck at having enough outlets in the room. this has saved me on many trips and comes in handy at the airport too. 

2. voyager digital luggage scale w/ 110 lb. capacity & smartgrip

ever stressed about your baggage being over 50 lbs.? this lightweight and easy to read scale will put your mind at ease before you even reach the airport.

3. ebags packing cubes

these have changed my packing experience. easy to pack what you need, sort it out and get to what you need when you need it. when traveling as a family, try having a different color for each family member and it makes unpacking a shared suitcase a snap.

i have this on my phone at all times and continually get asked about it. no one can see what you are looking at on your phone or what you are typing. 

same as the above privacy screen, this makes airplane travel so much easier without the nosey eyes of the person in the seat next to you seeing what you are working on. 

worth every penny. truly.

this small device turns my ipad into a mini laptop and serves as a case and stand as well. awesome.

throw this item in your purse or briefcase and have power for your laptop or phone, even when an outlet isn't available to use.

most comfortable neck pillow i have ever used. heavenly.

i normally hate eye masks. they smash my eyelashes and feel awful. these are very lightweight and are curved so your eyelashes don't bump against them. it's wonderful for the plane, a not-so-dark hotel room or are awesome if you are a migraine sufferer. 

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